Troy Titans Youth Football Trip Brought to you by Barrel Beard & Tatoo Oil

Fall Saturdays around the country have long seen eager parents and supportive family
members filling up the sidelines of youth football fields to see their favorite players in action.
For three guys in their 30's without children, the joy of those sorts of days was a surprise. When the Saint Louis Live crew left Tri Municipal Park in Troy on Saturday, however, that elation was well understood.
Jeremy Stanton, a dedicated youth football coach and a supporter of Saint Louis Live through
his company Barrel Beard &; Tattoo Oil, invited the crew out to take in some exciting football played by the organization he proudly supports. The Troy Titans were willing hosts throughout
the day, and the level of support offered by the community was huge in explaining the level of
excellence seen on the football field.
Most people don’t think of third and fourth graders as having the capability to run disciplined
offensive schemes or to focus on their defensive fundamentals strongly enough to properly
wrap up tackles, but the Titans displayed those abilities this past Saturday. The enthusiastic
crowd and the energetic public address system served to amplify that excitement, and the hard work of the Titans cheerleaders didn’t go unnoticed.
One of the most rewarding parts of establishing Saint Louis Live throughout the region has been forging connections to members of the community who are working hard to make a positive difference in the world around them. At a time when St. Louis, football, and family support are all wrapped up in a torrent of confusion and difficulty, the purity of a warm Saturday under bright sun on a gridiron abutting a cornfield was beyond appreciated.
Ultimately, the scores of the games were less important than their results. Every player who
took the field for the Troy Titans on Saturday – as well as for their opponents from East St.
Louis, O’Fallon, Collinsville, and Mascoutah – left it with a solid sense of sportsmanship and a
new stash of memories that they can retell as sporting triumphs several years down the road.
The Saint Louis Live crew left with a stronger appreciation for how much a commitment to sport can mean to the community, and thanks to the support of fantastic sponsors like Barrel Beard &; Tattoo Oil, we’re excited to replicate that experience in our dealings with the people we connect with moving forward.
Thank you, sincerely, for letting us have fun with you.
- Travis, Chris, and Jeff