Catch up on We Are Live! Audio/Video from the week of 3/11/19

Chris Gardner produces, Travis Terrell pontificates, and Chris Denman looks down at his shoes when people ask him what he does for a living. This is We Are Live! and the beautiful world around the show. This week the fellas had a blast with reporter, Alexis Zotos, comedian Shane Mauss, comedian Sam Lyons, Dr. Ed Migneco from Hillside Animal Hospital, and got into all the usual shenanigans. They celebrated 314 day by breaking down the good and bad of their home of Saint Louis, Missouri. Additionally, several appearances by Chris’ friend Mark WALberg stopped by. Check out the live stream Monday - Friday on Facebook Live, or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, and here on the site!

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Travis Terrell of WAL!


Chris Denman of WAL!

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