Last Laugh Continues... Bobby Jaycox

Thomas Crone highlights the standup comedians performing at the "Last Laugh Comedy Continues" program at Southtown Pub on Saturday. Today’s featured comic: Bobby Jaycox.


The expectation is that Bobby Jaycox is having a good day on any day ending in “y,” but when you phone up Bobby Jaycox and he’s just hopped off a train in Chicago and he’s having a mid-week, refresh-button-hitting, rip-roaring time with friends and colleagues in our frenemy city to the north… well, on those days, his enthusiasm is contagious.


In fact, if was just last week that we caught up with Jaycox by phone. He was in Chicago to perform a one-night engagement with Taylor Williamson, known nationally, in part, for long runs on America's Got Talent Last Comic Standing.


At this point, it’s not necessarily a financial win for Jaycox to go out on the road for one-nighters. But all the intangibles point to an unqualified “yes” when he’s asked to appear on some regional gigs.


“You’re probably not making money,” he says, honestly, “when you’re traveling and just doing one show. Stage time, though; that’s what you need. I feel like, right now, standup is the one thing that’s getting my full attention. I think I’m having the most fun doing that now. I’ve been getting a lot of work on the road and at home.”


That said, as someone who’s enjoyed a lot of time and work in forms such as sketch and improv, he’ll likely retain a keen interest in maintaining those skills. Of late, with the help of a local agency, Azalea, he’s also scored a bit commercial work, for both online and over-the-air purposes. And, in doing so, he’s got another side project that he hopes to keep alive.


But the priority: standup. And the immediate benchmark for his efforts comes this Saturday as We Are Live brings a full afternoon and evening of comedy to the Southtown Pub. The event will be part of a scene that pleases a scene-success-sharing Jaycox.


“A lot of people are recognizing St. Louis through Flyover Comedy,” he adds. “It’s all putting St. Louis on the map. There’s a validation that as comedians are touring, they can come here, sell some CDs. People are coming around to that more and more. And it’s cool that we’re all a part of that.”







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