Saint Louis Live! 2/6/2018

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

It's a full house this morning! Everyone's back in the hood. All football experts take the Monday after the Super Bowl off. America really feels like the winners here. Doug Pederson had Nick Foles run a wheel route instead of letting the Jags just kneel down. So many rules have changed around Tom Brady that he may be the most protected player in the history of the league. Chris Long deserves just about all the glory he could possibly receive. Malcolm Butler being benched in the Super Bowl is going to turn out to be the biggest controversy from the game. Travis can't believe that these thugs in Philly with no jobs would block traffic for ambulances and not care about their own communities. We were a little surprised by the amount of nudity around Philly. Kevin Hart got shut down hard by security trying to get to the stage. Did DeRay McKesson lead the party on Sunday night? Bridget Moynihan went for the throat on Brady a little bit. David Harbour had the biggest crush of the commercials on Sunday night. Are Tide Pods getting quality free media? Travis has some thoughts on the Dodge Ram commercial. Should Arbys have made a JFK commercial? Gaines busts Travis on appropriating an Obama speech. David Harbour is exploding now. Come check out our Yacht Rock Party! 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Christian Nick Foles is breaking the control of non-Christian QBs. Was Fran Tarkenton Jewish? Vegas won money even if they sort of took a bath on the game. An all-hip hop Super Bowl would be pretty excellent but it's probably going to be John Mayer. Oskar Sundqvist's dad got flown over from Sweden and had to go to San Antonio. The Bruins have an anti-racial slurs video. Chris's Mark Wahlberg joins the show. Gronk may be retiring after the Super Bowl. Could Gronk be a real Hollywood actor? Poor Gronk's house got broken into this morning. Players really should get house sitters. A-Train calls in to surmise that WWE is coming after Gronk. It's Pride Night for the Blues and Jake Bain will be in the house to drop the puck. Did the Blues maybe almost sign Jarome Iginla one time? Todd Frazier may not thaw the market freeze in MLB which may just be the result of the quality of players available. Yu Darvish may actually be holding up the market a little bit. Hockey Bob is fired up to call in. Gaines is dropping the hammer on Hockey Bob. Literally everyone gets honored just for doing their jobs. Eating tacos and then dropping your kid off at daycare can be a dangerous proposition. D calls in to hold us accountable for getting hauled in to a repeat. Is the Squatty Potty overrated? 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis is workshopping new characters for the returns. This Is Us managed to include the real Super Bowl, which is cool. Mizzou beat Kentucky and people talked about it like it was an upset but Gaines is mad that no one acknowledged Mizzou was a favorite. The game against Ole Miss may be a trap game. Seung-hwan Oh now has a new home and hopefully Eugene is going with him. Carlos Martinez got sued over the weekend. It's important to remember that pro athletes are very good at breaking faces. Ted Jackson of the Times-Picayune had a great but sad story about Jackie Wallace this weekend. Is it important to be punched in the face at some point in your life? Travis wants a hall pass for some fights. If you run away from a bike or Segway cop, that should be allowed. Segways are pretty tricky to ride. Gaines once got sassy with a lady police officer in Memphis. A Segway tour through Francis Park is pretty soft. Hockey Bob would be a pretty thorough Wal-Mart greeter. St. Louis police take the day off for Mardi Gras. Travis would not be safe on a Segway on The Hill. Does Jeff go too hard on Mardi Gras? Fair or Foul ends the show as always.