Saint Louis Live! 1/9/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

Jeff is back in the studio for the Wake Up Hour this morning and the Blues had a little bit of a struggle over the weekend with the east coast trip. The upcoming bye could be a huge relief for them as Jaden Schwartz is getting closer to coming back. The MLB market has been incredibly slow and Ken Rosenthal thinks there may be collusion afoot. MLB has a bad history with it which makes it more credible. The Cardinals really don't have a closer right now and if they're counting on John Brebbia that may be a little bit of a mistake. A Flyers fan gave Jeff the full Dilly Dilly, so Bud Light should be happy that their marketing is successful.

Segment One - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Jeff is back this morning and he's complaining about yokels in the midwest. Chris was the only guy on the show to pick Alabama yesterday and he's proud of it. Gaines is also happy with the game from a betting perspective. It doesn't look like Trump knows the words to the national anthem. Chris and Jeff thought Gaines was taking a shot at the whites. Tua's game yesterday was wild and a writer called it early. Nick Saban actually showed joy yesterday and called it the happiest night of his life, and Gaines and Chris believe him. Chris and Travis saw a coyote on the side of 170 yesterday and Travis was amazed by the wildlife. Saban is probably back next year reinvigorated. We practice pronouncing Tua's last name for a bit and consider sending the clip to friends in Cleveland since he's probably going to start for the Browns in two years. Mizzou plays both teams in the national championship next year. That's bad news. Is Derek Dooley 90% as good as Lane Kiffin? Drew Lock leaving would probably be good for Barry Odom's job security. Jeff thinks Vladimir Tarasenko shot a puck at him this weekend and it's very narcissistic. Jeff got fully Dilly Dilly'd by a Flyers fan. Gaines would've reached through the glass to catch a puck. The hawk is gone and we're back to warmth. National Treasure has made a real mark on today's youth. We're slowly discovering that none of us have hobbies. We're not in favor of putting Oprah into the presidency. If the Illuminati controlled the world, this is probably what it would look like. We don't know anything about the Quad Cities. Cedar Rapids is a really underrated movie. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

A Japanese kayaker spiked the drink of a rival with a banned steroid and we're surprised that this hasn't happened more. The timing on the scheme feels like it might be a little off. Short term steroid metabolism feels like it would be a little bit different than long term use. Tonya Harding was at the Golden Globes and it was weird. Do we need to review her sex tape? James Franco is still around and that's weird. Our friends on Let's Get Comfortable cranked out an excellent show yesterday and we're very proud. Chris got called out for hanging out with Don King yesterday. The Houston Rockets probably wouldn't have won any titles if Jordan hadn't retired. The Bears hired Matt Nagy and the Andy Reid coaching tree is pretty strong. Pink is singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, so that'll be fun. Betting the under on the National Anthem seems like a good bet. Gaines is standing by Big Baller Brand and Bill Plaschke thinks it's time for Lonzo to be cut loose by the Lakers. The Coaches Association wants to take credentials away from people who talk to LaVar which seems asinine. Everyone with the Lakers had to know this was coming. Drew Brees is somehow holding on to it, which is crazy. Boston has had a ridiculous stretch of good fortune over the past 20 years. The entire market in baseball is absolutely frozen. The luxury tax is playing an enormous role in the free agent market this offseason. Lance Lynn would have a lot of fun as a Cub. The relationship with the Rays and the Cardinals sounded so promising and then it completely shut down. The Wainwright situation is a struggle and it sort of highlights why Belichick is great at his job. The Cardinals should bring back a fat lefty. Which veteran will they be forced to cut? 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Pre-emptive football rankings for next year are up and it appears that Mizzou may not quite be in the top 25. We talked Illinois football very briefly. Shockingly Alabama is likely to be ranked first overall when the first poll comes out. Brady definitely didn't want Jimmy Garoppolo lurking in the background behind him. None of the situation in New England seems crazy but it's generally uncomfortable for folks. The Blues may be able to make a serious run this season with one big move. What's the best place to eat at each of the stadiums in town? Jeff knows the best way to scam the Blues. All inclusive seats are actually not a bad deal. Hockey Bob loves him a cold cut combo. Mardi Gras is coming up and Jeff and Gaines really love it. Both Jeff and Gaines gear up every year. The ratings for the National Championship upticked big time last night. The National Championship game really is ESPN's time to shine. Katie Nolan took a shot at Trump and it was a little bit strange but she probably won't be getting in trouble. Is ESPN trying to abandon ship in Bristol? Fair or Foul ends the show as always. 

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