Saint Louis Live! 1/3/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Travis Terrell

The Blues won in a shootout last night behind the efforts of the newly appointed Starter Hutton. The possible effects on Jake Allen moving forward will be very interesting to keep an eye on. A little more goal scoring is still pretty necessary. Jeff dives into the Eric Hosmer rumors that are floating around before Travis makes a surprise appearance on the Wake Up Hour. Is Hosmer a real upgrade or is he more an example of the team trying to track down a name? Travis and Jeff discuss business strategies and what they should do with the Scottrade naming rights. Can Travis get the "tt" from the sign? Travis has important tips for getting rid of the hawk.

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We're all struggling with the Sick Hawk this morning. Carolla is the podcast to listen to on your deathbed. Jeff is heading east and so Jada and Alex are taking over the Wake Up Hour on Friday. Ross and Rachel are the only white couple Travis knows. Travis continues to insist he's the healthiest member of the show and Chris and Gaines are skeptical. There's a good place to hunt buffalo in St. Louis. Jeff has a movie game for us all to play. It really was a smooth show yesterday and we're all missing Dr. Ed early in the morning. Jeff's technology absolutely fails and the guys go through some hockey talk to cover up for it. Carter Hutton might be the starter now. Is Carter Hutton Dr. Ed? Mucinex would be a really good sponsor for the show. Jeff is completely incompetent in raising the volume on movie clips. Jiffy Lube almost wrecked Jeff's transmission. Travis accidentally retweeted stuff over the weekend. Travis watched Three Buildboards and meditated over the weekend. It's officially screener season. Travis is fighting back against harassment of radio personalities. Do black people eat chicken noodle soup and Sprite? Apparently the way to handle the sickness is to go after it baller-style. Uncensored on ice radio is always awesome. "Juicy Lucy" is a name for intercourse and also a burger. Comedy specials are harder to watch recorded than live. The Bengals re-signed Marvin Lewis and it seems pretty ridiculous. All knee injuries can probably be blamed on Rodney Harrison. Maybe Marvin Lewis is the league-wide pass for the Rooney Rule. If Eric Hosmer doesn't take the offer from the Royals he's an idiot. Is Derek Jeter really motivated by half a million dollars per year? The Cardinals might actually be done at this point. Machado probably isn't happening. The Cardinals and Cubs are definitely in an arms race. Arrieta on a short term deal could be a really good idea.

Segment Two (with Dr. Ed) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Jeff's game may actually be fixed this time and we're going to try to knock it out. The listeners are less than pleased with the game but we enjoyed it. Does "Star Wars" only refer to the original movie? Travis insists that it doesn't. We're looking forward to the Fake News Awards. Apparently Jeff was very bad at his job today so he's giving up. Trump doesn't really know how to do anything the President does. Jeff is excited to head east and Chris is trying to go to Destin and one member of the group is pushing for a road trip. Frank Martin and the Gamecocks play the Tigers tonight. Get hype! MPJ spoke to the media yesterday and didn't say a whole lot. Jeff is high on the MPJ conspiracy.  The Porters are definitely living in an empty house. Isaac Bruce is a finalist for the Hall of Fame and deserves to be in. Torry Holt didn't make it to the finals. Dr. Ed makes his weekly visit at an unusual time to break down all of the important animal news. Travis is concerned about giving Nova a cold but Dr. Ed reminds him that animals don't catch human illnesses. Bringing a new dog in is a pretty big challenge sometimes and some people do it a little too quickly. Pit bulls are definitely St. Louis dogs. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Gaines has a sicky and he's out for the last hour. People in Kansas City are really whiny and are not going to be happy if Eric Hosmer ends up somewhere else. The financial side of spending a career in California can be a rough go for a lot of players. The management in San Diego is pretty faulty. The Dodgers have no players on their roster who signed as MLB free agents. Matt Kemp and Starlin Castro shouldn't get too comfortable in their current addresses. The Yankees have a really deep future now and it's thanks to short term building. The shift in trends of how ballplayers choose their destinations is pretty noticeable. St. Louis is a city without any really obvious selling points. It's important to convince people that they can truly be a part of the solution. UCF is shaped like a circle and they're having a parade. Rich Rod got canned last night based on a harassment claim. Chris thinks Arizona is just making up an excuse to let Rodriguez go. Is Mike Martz still in St. Louis? The Blackhawks are in last place and the window might be closing. Travis almost got in a fight at a Mizzou game once. It's really OK to stand and cheer on third down. Resolutions are getting going and we're doing kind of decent with it, but it's also the third. Fair or Foul closes the show as always.