Saint Louis Live! 1/25/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

Colorado is in town tonight and it's always fun to beat up on a Kroenke team. Carter Hutton is almost certain to find his way back in to the net, which means tension is mounting. The baseball Hall of Fame announced their 2018 class yesterday and Jeff is in favor of putting the steroid guys in. Is Barry Bonds the Andrew Jackson of baseball? Jeff stumbles into that comparison. The last place Blackhawks lost again last night which is a little bit of a relief for everyone. Dealing with the goaltending will be pretty stressful.

Segment One (with Brandon Lang) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Just Chris and Jeff to kick off the show and we're considering talking about Pro Bowl betting with Brandon Lang. Jeff forgot to say "Happy Thursday" but we always love talking to Giamatti. Should we be holding the listeners accountable? Everyone needs to step their games up. Facebook Memories are not that fun when you used to be skinny. Jeff has been a Washington snob for a very long time. People there really hate Pete Kozma. Travis is here and he's struggling with the snooze button hawk. No one has ever watched the Pro Bowl from beginning to end. The Pro Bowl is boring because nobody tries. Travis thinks the X-Files is a sitcom now. Dan Quayle once wrote an angry letter to Murphy Brown and it's all we know about. Playing a full season of 162 games on The Show is impossible. Mizzou got smacked around by Auburn last night and it's a bad look for the rest of the season. Jeremiah Tilmon really needs to stop tackling people. Brandon Lang (@RealBrandonLang) joins the show for the full duration of football nonsense. Would Travis let Matthew McConaughey play him in black face? Travis is mad at Chris and Jeff for being soft. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Nickelodeon game shows are really primed for a reboot with people having money and interest. There should really be more Double Dare. Jeff is going to gnaw his hand off without a prize announced for Fair or Foul. Chris is trying to convince us that The Wild Thornberrys were a band. Is NWA the black Beatles? Jeff was accidentally racist as hell. Hockey Bob is trying to hustle up business on our show. How on earth did the Cardinals manage to put Dexter Fowler on a Southwest flight? Travis claims that he has breaking news. Nelly's been accused of more sexual assaults, this time in England. The Baseball Hall of Fame results were announced yesterday and at least Scott Rolen gets to stay on the ballot. The Daily News nailed the Chipper cover. Seeing players we watched growing up go into the Hall of Fame is really exciting. Moises Alou used to pee on himself. How do you vote for either Bonds or Clemens? Jim Edmonds deserved way better than to be a one and done. The journalists covering the steroid era may have been abdicating their responsibility. We play a guessing game with a 2002 Cardinals starting lineup. Should federal law be a criterion for evaluating baseball players? Oprah says she's not running for President. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

The Avs are in town tonight and we stumble through some Kroenke soccer. Jeff busts out 90 seconds of hockey update. Are the Padres trying to create fake buzz with the Eric Hosmer fake posts? Draymond Green apparently dissed somebody yesterday. Does Jeff have a nickname in the Blues locker room? Chris worked out with Tyron Woodley once and was afraid he would get killed. Rulon Gardner crashed in a lake and should be a Hollywood story. Vince McMahon is having a press conference today and may be firing up the XFL. Jeff and Travis may be the new Stallions broadcasting team. Chris and Travis may have to try out for the XFL. Jeff would try out as the long snapper. Kaepernick probably isn't going to be playing in the XFL. There are some old guys who are itching to come back. How does the XFL handle the concussion issue? Vince is pretty hardcore. The WWE fan base is a little more diverse than Chris and Jeff thinks it is. The Padres are saying they got hacked. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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