Saint Louis Live! 1/24/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

A 3-0 victory over the Senators gives the Blues some much needed medicine and some even more needed points. Jake Allen continues to not be used which could easily put the team in an uncomfortable position moving forward. A report out of Montreal suggested that the Blues and Habs were talking about Carey Price, but Jeff is skeptical and breaks down the reasons why. Randal Grichuk gave a juicy quote to a Toronto radio station yesterday about some of his concerns around playing in St. Louis. Is it possible to still be mad about the Rams leaving? Accepting inevitability seems to be a wiser decision.

Segment One (with Dr. Ed) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Chris and Jeff are rocking a light lineup this morning and may be doing a show for one person. We may be doing a 90 minute hockey update. Minnesota is crushing the hockey music scene nowadays. Singing the Canadian national anthem in French may be showing off. Analyzing REO Speedwagon's music is very important. Jeff knows way too much about REO Speedwagon. It turns out there are way more quality local bands than we realized. We're joined by Dr. Ed to break down all the comings and goings of the animal kingdom. Michael McDonald is the St. Louis yacht rock king. The anti-pit bull guy doesn't have enough money to run his ad during the Super Bowl and Dr. Ed is relieved by that. Travis rolls in at 7:37 to make animal sounds. Dog flu appears to be tapering off but you should keep your eyes open for warning signs. Should the St. Louis Zoo be more aggressively monetizing their cheetahs? Chris is concerned about foxes wandering around the neighborhood and Travis's Nova won't chase them. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones, RoboGaines

We need to have Gaines record a "Happy _____Day" for every day of the week. Could we pull off a full time RoboGaines? Poor Michael gets led into saying flawed things by Travis. Bill Cosby did some standup and that's pretty bad news. Times change but some things are never acceptable. Older black people are still sticking by Bill Cosby. A-Train calls in to confirm that black people still ride for Bill. Some people may not want to go to San Antonio to play with Kawhi Leonard. Do the Spurs hang out with the Rampage? It would be bizarre to be in a club to see somebody like Cosby performing. Is it OK to punch Nazis? Louis CK seems to not be getting a massive backlash in the comedy community. Travis wants to talk Academy Awards after we dug into it yesterday. Giving voice to a movie like Get Out can create fantastic opportunities. If Black Panther is terrible Chris will still defend it no matter what. We get deep into all the Best Picture nominees and pick them all apart. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

LeBron got to 30,000 career points last night and was the youngest and fastest to do so. Travis still has to run him down with Michael Jordan. Jordan's effortless skills make it easy to forget just how incredibly good he was. Skip Bayless's brother makes really good tacos. Auburn is at Mizzou tonight and it's certainly going to be a bad night for the Tigers. Does Mizzou get the benefit of the doubt come tournament time without Michael Porter being on the roster? Travis's hatred for the Celtics would taper off if Michael Porter ended up in Boston. Bradley Beal has made the All Star team and aren't we thrilled. Jeff and Chris have never heard of anybody in any of the Madea movies. Black Mirror is a little heavy. What's the best movie soundtrack to play behind a radio broadcast? It's hard to talk to old people who may die about their artistic futures. Is Catherine Zeta-Jones from St. Louis? Barney the Dinosaur now runs a tantric sex practice. If you're a kid performer, do you have to already be weird? Shining Time Station was pretty dope. Chris is just figuring out that Black Panther is a big deal for black people. Can you buy a piece of the crag? Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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