Saint Louis Live! 1/22/18

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues got knocked around by the worst team in the league on Saturday night and had to bag skate as punishment. Are their problems easily rectified or will they require massive changes that the leadership may not be ready for? Randal Grichuk is now a Toronto Blue Jay and the Cardinals have added another piece to their bullpen. Grichuk may put up huge power numbers in Toronto but the Cardinals were forced to deal from a surplus. Yesterday was the most football Jeff has watched all season and it ended in the least interesting outcome possible. Chris Long is the only rooting interest that's viable in the Super Bowl. Will the Blues be forced to make a change to their leadership group to stay afloat?

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

It's a little South Beach-y in here this morning. The Jaguars played not to lose this weekend and they paid the price. If Blake Bortles is your quarterback, it's hard to dial up a game plan that forces the nail into the coffin. The hit on Gronkowski was unfortunate but largely unavoidable. The penalty disparity is noticeable but it was mostly a clean game. Travis doesn't think the officials would congratulate Blake Bortles at the end of the game. Jeff has some questions about Joe West. Travis is fired up about referees being nice to Tom Brady. Robert Kraft is always dangerous to put on camera. Somehow Danny Amendola is still running around, which is a little painful for Rams fans. The Vikings rolled over yesterday in the Keenum/Foles throwdown. Chris Long was all over the field yesterday. How do we feel about Jon Hamm being in tax preparation commercials? Excitement for Chris Long definitely overshadows Donnie Jones and Rodney McLeod. Gaines and Jeff are not in favor of the Crisco plan but Chris thinks it's a sad statement on society. Carson Wentz may feel a little uncomfortable about the Super Bowl berth without being able to play in it. Travis is ready to celebrate Raw 25. Chris threw some cash down on a seven fight parlay and accidentally nailed it because his brother put in the wrong amount. People are watching the Super Bowl no matter what. The Patriots are in a remarkable position to keep things going. Bortles's lack of accuracy makes it impossible for him to be a successful QB. Tony Romo was having a lot of fun watching Tom Brady yesterday. Howie Long was having a lot of fun with the grandson on TV yesterday. Travis could've been productive this weekend but the TV just washed over him. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

A decision came down in the SLU case over the weekend and people are pretty upset about it. Scott Rosenbloom was talking a lot on Friday and it's clear that players will continue to appeal. The "free the three" movement from the students might be a little bit misguided. This situation could potentially impact Carte'Are Gordon's decision. The players are likely to believe that the process afforded to them was unfair and didn't provide them with the support they wanted. This entire situation represents a huge setback for the program. Eric Greitens finally took the time to be interviewed yesterday and vehemently denied that there are additional women involved in this scandal. Apparently God's love is getting Greitens through. We have so many jokes that we can't say. The government is shut down and it doesn't affect a whole lot of things around here. Randal Grichuk better have his passport because he's going to Toronto. Hopefully Randal Grichuk gets to tear up Toronto this year. Chris thinks Drake is going to wear a Grichuk jersey. Dominic Leone is the Hill's new favorite ballplayer. Could Grichuk own a car dealership here some day? Gaines has gone quiet with the Cavs being bad. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis is stealing things from Let's Get Comfortable and we need to make sure we don't punch down. Stone Cold is coming to Raw tonight and it's probably going to keep Travis away from the show tomorrow. Travis is trying very hard to get everyone excited for Raw and it isn't working. The Titans hired Mike Vrabel but the offensive coordinator is who matters. Enes Kanter is coming after LeBron. Travis is definitely betting Gaines on the outcome of the NBA season. Jimmy Garropolo is going to get a bunch of money from the Pats and maybe a ring. Foo Fighters are coming through and it would be nice to see Dave Grohl be able to walk around. Jeff tries to bust out Oscar knowledge and Travis shuts him down to talk about Sterling K. Brown. The Mizzou Lady Tigers are winning a bunch of games which is good since the men aren't. Michael Porter disappeared. Mizzou's loss to Illinois is going to end up being their worst loss of the year. The new Letterman show is pretty interesting and the Obama interview was very insightful. Malia Obama is getting tracked down my paparazzi now. Travis was allowed to shoot threes but Chris wasn't. Fair or Foul closes the show as always.

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