Saint Louis Live! 1/2/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

New year, same show. Heavy on the hockey to kick off 2018. The Blues picked up a victory over the Hurricanes on Saturday but the goal scoring didn't come from the places you would want it to  to develop your confidence in the team. Halfway through the season, some players are on pace for excellent seasons and some are continuing to struggle. The Blues may find themselves looking to extend Paul Stastny but it's going to require a significant pay cut to make it happen. The Winter Classic was yesterday and there are people who feel like the energy around outdoor games is going down. Spreading them around can go a long way. The NFL is probably going to try super hard to make sure the Panthers don't move. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We're back and Gaines thinks this one of the top five worst days of the year. The Hawk got Travis, but we think it's for real this time. Everyone we know has been super sick over the last few days. Gaines is going to get out and play pond hockey this weekend. Does anyone care about New Year's Resolutions? Gaines has some strawberries and Jeff is the only one who can smell them. Everyone was really afraid of it being cold in the studio this morning. NCAA football stole the show over break, and the Rose Bowl was incredible. Georgia beat Oklahoma after a bunch of swings. Lincoln Riley has received a pretty flawless handoff from Bob Stoops. Baker Mayfield certainly should be a first round draft pick despite his size. Chase Daniel may end up as the head coach at Mizzou in 2045. Nick Chubb has been playing football at Georgia for a decade. Gaines is not looking forward to all of the conference talk. The Big Ten is like Oceans 11 with no Clooney. UCF may actually be the national champion. UCF is probably happy they didn't have to get smashed in the playoff. Nebraska is a better job than UCF for Scott Frost just because the money is huge. Jim Harbaugh is a pretty good head coach even though Michigan lost their bowl game. We aren't gun or fireworks people. We had an excellent event Saturday thanks to Jeremy Boyer and Chris Zimmerman. Should Bill DeWitt III play pond hockey with Gaines? JPD was taking care of the kids on Saturday. Gaines insists on 40 degrees. Bills Mafia is going to be going hard in the paint next weekend. Andy Dalton's charity is benefiting big time from that victory. Jeff is rooting hard for a Vikings/Bills Super Bowl. Matt Patricia really doesn't look like an NFL head coach. Jon Gruden is going to be coaching the Raiders which is pretty wild. Welcome to Vegas. Is Gruden really a great coach? Jeff Fisher might actually be coming back to the NFL. Gaines officially says you're allowed to watch hockey now. Jeff busts out his hockey update. Black Monday is always a spectacle in the NFL. Jack Del Rio got handled really badly and the Rooney rule compliance is pretty bad right now. Could Travis name all the Raiders? Jeff didn't know Janikowski wasn't the kicker this year. Jeff has people to hold accountable. 

Segment Two (with Kevin McGuire) - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

The healthiest member of the show sure didn't show up here to eat strawberries. We're joined LIVE by Kevin McGuire (@KevinOnCFB) from NBC Sports to talk some NCAA football. DGB had a rough weekend. Kevin probably has to produce the show next year in order to continue the streak. Jeff was a little skeptical of the Chappelle specials because they felt a little forced. We check in with RoboTrav since real Travis is not yet a part of the show in 2018. Hockey Bob may apply for Travis's job. An old man in Louisiana got busted for being a Nigerian prince. More people may have email in Nigeria than in Louisiana. Car batteries are way too expensive now. Chris is humble bragging that he drives a luxury German sedan. Shake Shack has had some issues staying open and the sewer may not have been ready for it. Barnhart Brawler may be a neocon now. Mission Taco should be shamed for being in St. Charles. Moms on Facebook are really rough to deal with. Old school Facebook statuses that contain "is" can make for some weird flashbacks. Jeff is really bad at social media. Mike Lee's Space Bar has a birthday on Friday and maybe he can host the Wake Up Hour. Gaines is really excited about The Bachelor but thinks it's weird to kick it off the same night as the Rose Bowl. Party Down South is an excellent show. When do grown men decide to call themselves Daddy? "Macguffin" is a pretty fun word. We're figuring out how to make Facebook fun again. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

"Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows is a banger. Gaines is being held accountable for Logan Paul filming dead people in the forest. 13 Reasons Why was criticized for the same kind of sensationalization. Logan Paul definitely gets enough views as it is. Jeff might watch him poop. Ian Bagg hung out with the Pauls a few times. Jeff and Gaines are really stoked for curling in the Olympics. Track and field is not a sport. Gaines recognized Ed McCauley but it took a little bit to figure him out. Sometimes recognizing athletes off the field is super tricky. Casino slot comp buffets are really tricky and people convince themselves that they really need them. Bag fees on airlines are nonsense. Boonville is really not a great place and they probably hate Mizzou students. Where should you be setting up a security camera in your house? The amount of surveillance we have now is crazy. Jeff asks Siri some stuff into the microphone. Steve In Wildwood had to take some DUI classes in Boonville. Why do college kids like stealing road signs? All the Blues live in the same place and Jeff is a creep and knows where it is. Gaines is declaring war on Hockey Bob. The Cardinals are truly doing nothing but neither is anyone in all of baseball. Jeter is probably feeling a little bit of shame right now and it may be affecting the market. The Cardinals may be gumming up all of the works. It's easier to criticize the lack of motion on Machado than on Stanton. Divisional trading is a tricky business. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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