Saint Louis Live! 1/19/18

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Jada Foster

Jada's in on a Friday to chat with Jeff about all the things which are wonderful in the world. Journey and Def Leppard are playing Busch Stadium and it's weird that they would sell out a stadium still. Jeff is enjoying the Stormy Daniels story about Shark Week and feels like he can really get behind Trump on that one. Jeff and Jada have an insufficient understanding of how Instagram and YouTube work but Jada is pressing forward with her plans to be a YouTube star anyway. Jeff and Jada talk about the scandal surrounding USA Gymnastics and their decision to cease training at Karolyi Ranch. Opening up and listening to the voices of women who have been silenced in a number of circumstances can go a long way toward making sure these broader societal problems can be resolved. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Travis is really proud of the picture they took with Steve Ranazissi at Gaslight yesterday. The Hawk definitely has taken the day off today. The Bill DeWitt drop is a huge get for us. Are the Cardinals a 90 win team? If they are, it's only because the rest of the division got worse. Is it racist that Jeff thinks he saw TonyX in the world once upon a time? Giamatti looks a little more clean shaven than usual this morning. Chris is proud that he knows what the Vezina trophy is. The 90 second hockey update is here. We get deep into the Kid Rock controversy as Jeff holds Brett Hull accountable. It's Breakfast Cereal Friday so we're going to break it down. Travis thinks Frosted Flakes are the best cereal ever. Jeff says it's Trix. Chris is a big Frankenberry guy. Travis thinks Reese's Puffs are a rich kid cereal. Captain Crunch really needs to be treated like a hard candy. Captain Crunch's full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch. General Mills happens to be headquartered in Minneapolis. When's the last time a new cereal was invented? Jeff was on a first name basis with his lunch people and Travis is shocked. Chris never rode the school bus when he was a kid. 68! 

Segment Two (with Benjamin Hochman) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Giamatti is playing music to bring us back that makes us feel like we may be in a vampire movie. Make sure you check out the conversation we had with Steve Rannazzisi yesterday. Giamatti busts out the EDM return music. Travis is a big yacht rock guy. Yacht rock is honestly fantastic, but it may be a little caucasian. Jeff's dad smoked a bunch of weed back in the day. Step Brothers was sneakily one of the best movies of that stretch. We're planning a yacht rock party live on the air. Travis is extremely nervous based on the attitude that came out of the DeWitts and company during the Winter Warm-Up. We're joined by our dear friend Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) of the Post-Dispatch to talk Cardinals and yacht rock. The Vikings having to switch facilities for the Super Bowl seems crazy. The NBA All-Star Game is going to have a players draft this year and Travis is excited. Joel Embiid is shooting shots at Rihanna and she may now be in his grasp. Imo's made a smart choice in going with Jayson Tatum instead of Luke Voit. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

We're really excited for our yacht party and Travis is mad because February's Black History events are going to be taken over. Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are getting it on and it's an interesting match. Did Aaron Rodgers move down? Aaron Rodgers probably isn't going out in Green Bay in the offseason picking up women. The story about Trump paying off a porn star is definitely weird, and it's weird that it's just going to go away. Is there any line that could be crossed for Evangelicals to give up? Trump is heading to Mar-a-Lago to celebrate the inauguration and leaving the shutdown mess behind him. Chris had mail interrupted by the weather and that seems problematic, considering their credo. Chris Christie had some trouble at the airport yesterday. We are not in favor of snakes wandering the earth. There's really no reason to ever go to Florida. Jeff has no qualms at all about being a fat guy on the beach. Travis was surprised by how good St. Louis's Amazon bid actually was. It hurts a little that Indianapolis and Nashville made the cut and St. Louis didn't. St. Louis should take Kramer's shower notes from some of these cities. SLU has released a Title IX statement that basically kicks the can down the road and Travis is not happy about it. Where are The Wombats from? Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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