Saint Louis Live! 1/16/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

Former Blues owner Michael Shanahan passed away yesterday and it's a sad event for the city. Shanahan brought Brett Hull to town and forever changed the Blues. The team is back tonight in Toronto and Jay Bouwmeester's usage is in question. Bill DeWitt and Mike Matheny each made some curious comments at the Winter Warm-Up and Jeff is curious about whether or not the DeWitts are as committed as it seems. Matheny also has some thoughts on the lineup which might come to fruition as a more useful lineup moving forward. Matt Carpenter promises he can hit places other than leadoff. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis is back today after making his MLK Day very special yesterday by dropping shots on white people for using weak MLK quotes on Facebook. Travis is ready for passive aggression. Do the DeWitts actually own the Blues? The city may have enacted a little bit of theatre. Michael Girsch was at the Winter Warm-Up but didn't actually do anything. Is he on an internship? We're a little curious about Tyler O'Neill's biceps. We're spoiling Game of Thrones on the air because it's been long enough to talk about ice dragons. Chris is approaching 2009 Rams-level apathy with the St. Louis Cardinals. We kick off the inaugural "Halt!" by breaking down Bill DeWitt Jr.'s comments. Only Rick Hummel is allowed to wear the cool reporter's cap. Gaines thinks there are simply more important things going on in the building than winning baseball games right now. It turns out that reserved pessimism was the right attitude to take toward the Cardinals all along. Addison Reed would've gotten the Cardinals halfway to that 5 WAR threshold. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris Paul came back to LA last night and some shenanigans lit off. Some of the Rockets found a secret passageway into the Clippers locker room and they were coming after Austin Rivers. Chris Paul would definitely know the secret way into the room. Ben Roethlisberger should probably downplay his secret room in the locker room. Travis loves all the throwdowns. James Harden is "trill" and Jeff doesn't know what that means. Travis thinks James Harden may be Aaron Hernandez Light. There were a lot of conspiracy theories that came out of the Hawaii incident this weekend. Travis believes there was a real attack and missile defense saved everyone's lives. They definitely didn't tell Trump what was going on when it happened. What are we all doing when the world is about to end? Gaines reveals the existence of a pool hall underneath SLU High. Streets named after MLK are always great and safe places. Is whipping it out on a crashing plane really a thing? We go back to playing more Halt! with Mike Matheny. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Yadi doesn't totally love Carson Kelly and this is where Gaines is very worried about Matheny. Travis is concerned about Yadi's attitude. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis is really excited for Black Panther and he's certain that they've prevented the movie from being part of Hollywood scandal. Gaines almost knows exactly how tall the Arch is. How much did we all go to the Science Center? Travis wants to get rid of the dinosaurs. Chris is credentialed for Wizard World and we're going to get Sean Bean on the show and hope he doesn't die. Going through the list of Wizard World attendees reveals a shockingly impressive list of people. Red Bull is terrible for you but Jeff loves it. Eating a diner breakfast before heading off to the Winter Warm-Up is not the best decision for keeping your tummy under control. Using the bathroom at the Frontenac mall is not a fun proposition. Travis used to see pig roasts in the hallways of the Missouri state capital. How do people hang out in the mall? We do a deep dive into different kinds of public bathrooms. Troughs are a crime against humanity. Jeff once failed to carry a box for a pregnant woman and also once gave the cold shoulder to a blind guy. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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