Saint Louis Live! 1/10/2018

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues got smacked pretty good by the Panthers last night and Jeff isn't thrilled that he was right about that. Jake Allen's struggles are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore and even the crowd reaction was strong in that direction last night. The week off won't be a week off for many players who find themselves heading down to the AHL instead of heading off to vacation. Jeff talks about the Olympic hockey situation and is curious to see if Thomas and Kyrou find themselves on the Canadian team. The women's tournament will probably be the most interesting part of the Olympics. Winter Warm Up is this weekend and Jeff is really excited to go immerse himself in the Best Fans in Baseball.

Segment One (with Dr. Ed) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

The hawk is officially in the nest this morning but Travis says there are pigeons around. We're kicking the show off with 90 seconds of hockey. Gaines is very strict about the 90 seconds. Jake Allen probably hasn't had Shake Shack. He would be playing better if he was. We're trying the Gaines Two Second Update and it works out pretty well. Travis thinks the lack of cranes in the city is why the Blues are struggling. Mike Lee might get his own category at the WALies. Steve Bannon might be able to help with Blues PR. Drew Lock is coming back. Gaines has a Two Second Mizzou Update. Dooley's pro background probably goes a long way in making sure Lock wanted to come back to Mizzou. Gaines thinks this will help justify firing Barry Odom next year. Travis is willing to be patient with a rebuild but Gaines doesn't think that's the right way to view the program. Gaines thinks every program in the SEC except Vanderbilt and Kentucky are thinking national championship every single season. Travis is insisting that Mizzou needs to build a program and they're essentially starting from scratch and Gaines is bumfuzzled about that attitude. Dr. Ed comes in for his weekly visit and he says Mizzou needs to aim higher. Dr. Ed says he once climbed Jesse Hall at Mizzou and had great fun as a delinquent. Chris has a game to play with Dr. Ed. We're doing New Year, New Dogs now. Dr. Ed ran dog fat camp once. Travis was really startled by a coyote this week. We have some confusion over what "wild turkey needs" really are.

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis still seems a little confused about the game we played with Dr. Ed. Mark Davis is hideous looking and the weirdest part is that it's by choice. Gruden was meant to be a splashy hire and he is that, but Travis is skeptical that it's a good football move. Travis thinks the Mark Davis haircut should be a part of Chris's bet. Chris once tried to write a check at a movie theatre on a first date and no one else thinks that's really a thing. Travis says all his first dates go well because the first date is the easiest one. Chris once went out with a girl unattractive enough that he was embarrassed to be seen with her. Gaines thinks Chris took Meghan Markle on a date. Jeff once had to pay a ton of money to rent a movie he already owned. The Balls made their debut in Lithuania yesterday and the Welcome To Lithuania song may have been the best part. Gaines wants to know if Travis will take money for free and not have to actually pass out any Big Baller clothes. Travis says the Balls were a joke yesterday and Gaines doesn't know how. Lavar Ball is just professional wrestling and it's really confusing why people can't figure that out. The effect on the teammates is probably not fair to Lonzo. Travis goes on about "embracing the brand" for a while and we get a little lost in the woods for a while. Gaines thinks all the BBB exposure is what's driving Lonzo into the top ten in the All Star voting. The Lakers front office is probably complicit in this and it might be bothersome for some players. Gaines gets his Big Baller gear for free. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We're all pretty bummed that we may not be able to Maull It anymore. We're feeling old because things that disappeared in our lifetimes are hard to remember. Maull's was probably struggling because people bought it only once a year. Maybe this is like the time Hostess went away and then Twinkies came back. Snack cakes are a very divisive topic. Travis was ashamed by his off brand Twinkies. Off-brand cereal was a little hard to deal with back in the day. Travis wants Zebra Cakes in a place of honor in his wedding. We have a hard time remembering what Maull's tastes like. The free Bread Co is about to shut down. Student loans should work like the free Bread Company. It's Adam Kennedy's birthday today so it's fun to remember the time the Cardinals dumped Kent Bottenfield for Jim Edmonds. Kent Bottenfield looks like he should be on sports talk radio in St. Louis. We spend some time breaking down Kent Bottenfield's musical career. The Kent Bottenfield/Kendrick Lamar mashup would be fantastic. Travis thinks getting Stan Lee caught up in harassment now is about trying to keep Black Panther down. Gaines is checked out because he's wrapped up in Kent Bottenfield. Travis wants to talk about Wahlberg and Gaines isn't having it. Michelle Williams probably should've gotten her dollars instead of settling for no money. Is that movie only getting attention because of all the Kevin Spacey nonsense? Starlin Castro wants out of Miami and Jacob Eason wants out of Georgia. Fair or Foul ends the show as always.

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