Target Practice Live! A summary of the live roast tourney, also... someone ruined comedy.

Target Practice Live! was kicked off last week at Southtown Pub in The Nano Pub, featuring 14 of the areas best comedians spread over 2 nights, with 2 winners. Night 1 included the hilariously talented Amy Milton, Rafe Williams, Jamie Fritz, JC Sibala (more on him in a minute), Carolyn Agnew (more on her in a minute), & Reggie Edwards. 

The first round was a bit hectic due to some last minute schedule changes, but a fun start for our first ever roast show. Thanks to the immense talent on stage and an enthusiastic crowd, things got started and eventually became very fun. Amy Milton told a campfire-esque story about Twitter to best STL's funniest comic, Rafe Williams. Jamie Fritz lost in the first round to JC Sibala, but delivered some of the most crowd pleasing jokes of the evening. Reggie Edwards asked us what the hell he was supposed to be doing, Carolyn Agnew had everyone laughing HARD at her thoughts on Twitter & 90's R&B.

 As noted above, JC took a different approach (within the rules, made a comedic choice) during his part of the commentary. The second round was JC vs Carolyn Agnew, where the comedians were told to mock or commentate a Youtube video for the crowd's enjoyment . There was no original sound played for each video. JC won over the crowd and slightly edged Carolyn to advance to the Finals. He unconventionally played the audio from a previously played video, followed by a great one liner. Judges Dylan Palladino (NYC Elitist), Ryan Farmer (STL FoodBank), and Pascal Beauboeuf (Late Night with Pascal) favored JC and his unique strategy. 

This contentious round set off a sequence of events that will need to be addressed for all of humanities enjoyment. Possibly in a one on one roast. Probably to start our next Target Practice Live... is that too Vince McMahon of me? I don't care, I think it would be a hilarious display of talent and possible real animosity. Stay tuned...

Congratulations to the multi-talented Reggie Edwards on winning $200 and the Night 1 title over the great, JC Sibala. Go see Reggie before he leaves town at his "Going Away Comedy Show" Featuring Reggie, Cameron Keys, Vincent Bryant, and others. 

Night 2 featured Tina Dybal, Nathan Orton, Angela Smith, Kenny Kinds, Jon Venegoni, Jeremy Hellwig, Chris Cyr, and Sarah Pearl. Michael Gaines, Travis Terrell, Carlie Lawrence, Matt Rocchio, and myself were pumped for the second night. We feel like we tightened things up quite a bit and are extremely proud of what it turned into.

All of the comics were able to make it to the stage for night 2, which also happened to be a Thursday. People in Saint Louis will get rowdy on a Thursday, which absolutely helped set the tone. Jon Venegoni & Jeremy Hellwig kicked things off with a bang. They were both EXTREMELY prepared and after Dylan Palladino opened the evening with ten minutes of traditional stand up, we couldn't have asked for a better start to kick off the actual competition. 

Kenny Kinds, Chris Cyr, Jon Venegoni, and Tina Dybal all exited in the first round. When THAT is your lineup of people getting eliminated in the first round.... WOW... major props to Nathan Orton, Angela Smith, Sarah Pearl, and Jeremy Hellwig for moving on to the semi finals against such talented performers. (This is where I pause and offer some major praise to Angela and Jeremy for creating a few WAL themed jokes that absolutely crushed with the crowd)

Judges Aaron Chandler (Funky Butt Brass Band), Matt Whitener (The Line Change/Yardbarker), and Dylan Palladino (Travis Terrell enthusiast) had their work cut out for them. The semi's featured Angela Smith vs Nathan Orton, in what would end up being the closest contest of the entire two nights. Orton prevailed. Sarah Pearl and Jeremy commentated the hell out of their video, with Sarah Advancing. 

On to the finals, which featured a head to head matchup between Sarah and Nathan. A true roast situation. No making up jokes about pop culture, STL, or historical figures like the first round. This was comic vs comic and neither disappointed. One of Sarah's insults brought the heat with a joke about Nathan's famous brother (WWE Star, Randy Orton), but as a strong insulter himself, Orton countered with a crowd pleasing death blow. Orton claimed $200 while Pearl walked away with $50. Not bad, not bad at all.

Major thank you's to our sponsors, without them this would have been Travis and I Facebook Living 3 or 4 insults about Trump being orange. Please support Snappy Bigman Coffee, Neovitin, Hannigan Team Realty, The Memphis Grizzlies, Strange Donuts, Southtown Pub, Gladon Company, Fairway Automotive, Southwest Autoparts, & Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (check out the link for their newest canned pilsner) for making this event a reality. Also major thank you's to Emily Johnson and Craig Warnhoff for capturing the event. 

Keep an eye out for the next TPL, as we already have plans for an April 2017 one night event. Everyone involved with this was a fucking treat, thank you.