Dylan Palladino, "He's in town from New York."

Dylan Palladino, 24, hails from Los Angeles and is currently navigating the stand up comedy scene in New York City. He stands tall at 6'6, has modeled for a GQ spread, and recently kicked off a commercial series called "Short Journey's" for an up and coming car manufacturer.. Cadillac. When he's not working part time for catering gigs, he's auditioning for parts in commercials that require him to laugh in front of large crowds of people, to which sometimes they respond, "Thanks, that will be all.". For a young (or tenured) man, he's incredibly focused, polite, and grasps the necessity of constant improvement. Like any good comic, Dylan's constantly writing. What I think will continue to set him apart from his peers, he's always asking questions and attempting to help others. It's refreshing. He's a talented young comedian on the rise who is laying the ground work for growth and improvement. Both of which he recently found right here in Saint Louis, MO. Wait, what?

First things first, why is Dylan in Saint Louis? Let's travel back to June, 2016. We (Chris Denman & Travis Terrell of We Are Live!) took a trip to Los Angeles to appear on "The Adam Carolla Show", "Koy Pond" with Jo Koy, and to get interviews in person for our own show that wouldn't be possible in our native STL. We arrived at Carolla Digital studios in Glendale, CA and a tall, dark haired man was hanging around in the parking lot. I was confused at first because Carolla does have a tall producer named Gary, but this was not Gary. "Maybe it was an intern?", I thought. Turns out it was a young comedian who was a fan of the Carolla show and he'd stopped by for a tour of the facility. I didn't think much about it, we did our appearance (which was also the day they found a possible bomb outside Mercy Hospital in West County, STL which was thankfully disposed of before hurting anyone) and despite some worries from home, it was a dream come true. We just did our second appearance on 'ACS', millions of people are about to hear us, we had an amazing time, and we're riding high. Our good friend Mike (who served as our driver, room-mate, cigarette connoisseur, whiskey taster, & part time business adviser), who may or may not have over sold himself as our business manager had been chatting with Dylan in the lobby during the show. On our way back to the vehicle, Mike, in front of Dylan says "Hey, why don't you have Dylan drop by the AirBnB to do an interview." While I was in an incredible mood, that quickly changed. "We're in LA, we've got comics to talk to, this kid could be a serial killer, and worst of all... not funny." I thought. We just had our pal stand up & 'Two Broke Girls' cast member, Jonathan Kite on the show, and admittedly we were a bit big for our britches thinking we wouldn't have time for random chats, despite our low powered, evening AM radio time slot. The kid pushed forward despite our initial pause. 

 Dylan drops some credits as to why he'd be fun on the show and mentions he's doing a spot at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles while he's in town. Ok, maybe this kid is legit. Some time goes by, the kid from The Carolla studios checks in with us diligently, we schedule a few more of what we deemed higher profile interviews (Tony Cavalero of Nickelodeon's School of Rock, George Clinton, Brian Frange & Tim Convy of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser RIP the show, not Nikki) and go about our day. Finally, some time opens up, and we decide to give the kid a shot, again I'm highly aware we should be happy anyone wanted to be on our show, period. Dylan drops by, we have a blast recording two separate interviews, and shoot the first of what has been a very successful video series "To Be Honest..." where guests give a farcical take on the interview they just took part in. Josh McNew, who'd accompanied us to capture video of the trip (along with Casey Hartig kicking ass audibly) came up with/co executed the concept, and we had an actor/comedian/model in our AirBnB who would be more than willing to shit on us and our show. 

The rest is Facebook Video history as we've had Gilbert Gottfried, Heather Mcdonald, Tony Cavalero, internet sensation/heart throb Libbie Higgins "mcsuse me, bitch", & Brian Frange all be part of the fun. You can catch TBH #1 here: Dylan Palladino TBH #1. So after a great interview, very fun video creation, and some pleasantries, we parted ways. Dylan hadn't murdered us, our pal Mike can now add Producer to his list of credits, & we'd made a new friend. 

Staying in touch is tough to do, but somehow Dylan has made the effort to stay involved with our show. Whether it's calling in to give a live recap of the Kanye West concert he (Kanye) abruptly left, texting to talk comedy ideas, or brainstorming ways to work together. Once we finalized plans to kick off our Target Practice Live roast tournament, we knew who needed to open the show and serve as a judge, Dylan Palladino. It was a perfect set up for a young comic to become more familiar with a new comedy scene, we'd see our buddy, and he would add an out of town dynamic. Most importantly, we knew we could trust him, and he'd bust his ass when he arrived. Not only did Dylan end up doing a set each night of Target Practice Live to a full house, he was fortunate enough to jump on an additional three shows while in our delightful city.

Thanks to an introduction from Target Practice Live- Night 2 Champion, Nathan Orton.. Dylan had the pleasure of being added to 'Coffee Break, with Ken Warner' at Foam. An excellent showcase with an enthusiastic crowd that takes place monthly (and benefits Grounds for Health). Chris Cyr was the featured comic of the evening, and Dylan's set was a very nice addition to a well put together show. Another instance of members of the STL comedy scene helping out, was Angela Smith and Jeremy Hellwig speaking up for Dylan to be a part of Tom Brown's show at 66 Cigar. While the lighting wasn't your ideal setup for comedy, the amazing hospitality, well timed jokes from the other comics, and opportunity to perform in front of a different crowd gave Dylan the chance to flex some comedy muscles he hadn't used in a while. Finally, in the comedy world, Helium is a BIG deal. They have clubs throughout the country and have done a wonderful job bringing in consistent, hilarious acts to Saint Louis we would maybe not have the opportunity to see without them. Through another warm connection, Brandon Judd initiated some conversation with Erin at Helium about Dylan snagging some time Saturday night. (See Dylan's thoughts below)

A note from Dylan, about the trip:

"I had a pretty great experience for my first ever visit to the Big STL. Target Practice Live shows 1 and 2 were both great. The first show had a lot of great talent and stand up improvisation that helped make the show a success even with multiple matches changing last minute. There was even some WWE style drama on the first show which always keeps it interesting and fun. (Dylan is referring to the great 'Carolyn Agnew vs JC Sibala' rivalry that's sure to be seen again -Chris)

The second night was even better, with seamless transitions, an even bigger and more excited crowd, and a high caliber of talent. The second TPL was on par professionally with any weekly show I've seen produced at comedy clubs in NYC. I had a great time opening both of the shows, the crowds were great and wanted to laugh and see a good show. Thank you to Chris, Travis, Gaines and everyone at We Are Live for having me and putting together such great shows.

I was also lucky enough to perform at Tom Brown's show at 66 Cigar and then Ken Warner's monthly at Foam Coffee shop that Friday night. Tom really brought the energy and kept 66 Cigar running smoothly, almost as smooth as that free cigar I got. Boom! Thank you to Tom for running a great show and keeping the comedy tradition alive of performing in the most unlikely of places.

Ken runs a very good show at Foam, with a great stage and super receptive audience. I haven't had stage time that good in a long time and thoroughly enjoyed performing and watching the other great comics at the show.     Ken treats the comics with a lot of respect and hosts the hell out of that show.

Lastly, I was fortunate enough to do a 5 minute guest spot on the late show Saturday night at Helium. This was a great achievement for me, and something I had been wanting to do for a while, especially since it was on a show with such great comics (Shane Torres I'm not talking about you if you're reading this). Helium is an amazing club and somewhere I look forward to performing at again in the near future. A special thank you to Brandon Judd and the general manager, Erin, for helping me get the stage time. It was a great audience and a show I will not soon forget! 

All in all my first trip to St. Louis was one for the books. I was fortunate enough to be on 5 great stand up shows in a ROW. Which any comic knows is not something really happens ever. Thank you to everyone that came out, all the comics that helped show me around and put me in contact with producers, and most importantly Lady St. Louis for sparing me and letting me leave in one piece. STL is officially in my top comedy destinations now; I look forward to returning, doing some more great shows, and seeing Target Practice Live get even better! "    -Dylan Palladino, New York Apologist

 I'm not sure what the future holds for Dylan, but I'll bet he enjoys it. I do know that when you work hard, work smart, and treat people the right way...you're certainly setting yourself up for more success than most 24 or 50 year old's chasing a dream. We're proud of Saint Louis for showing a friend so many great aspects of who we are and proud of the STL Comedy scene for letting an outsider in to enjoy the local grind. Keep an eye out, Dylan's certainly going to be back soon with updated jokes referencing The Arch, provel cheese, and where'd you go to high school humor for the Metro Area's enjoyment.