Saint Louis Live! 12/8/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

A 3-0 Blues victory is exactly what the doctor ordered to help get the team off a losing streak. The Blues had to use an emergency backup goalie last night and that's one of the most fun things in sports. Giancarlo Stanton apparently won't go to the Cardinals or Giants. St. Louisians are so critical of themselves all the time that it creates an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy. Hockey Bob calls in to reinforce his belief that Vladimir Sobotka should be a second line center. The Hurricanes got sold yesterday and an NHL team is probably coming to Seattle. 

Segment One (with Martin Rucker) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris thinks Dave Steckel would be a great offensive coordinator. Jeff was doing more hockey journalism yesterday. We're going to need a lot of man to stay warm this morning. Gaines thinks nothing has changed. Jose Fernandez's death is having a lot to do with what the Marlins need back. Tyler Chatwood went to the Cubs and it was kinda smug. Jeff is talking too much about mouth feel. Did Travis fall down a well? Nope. He's here! Anna Nicole's baby is Dani Burkhead. Travis is the Fredo of being the godfather. Giamatti doesn't know the difference between Travis and Whitener. JLaw can get it from Travis. The Book of Travis has music in it. Martin Rucker (@RuckerSouthSide) joins the show and Travis wants to know what that booty do. 

Segment Two (with Tyler Stewart) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We're peacocking around because we beat KMOX to getting a guest this morning. It's important to stretch your budget to pay for proper toilet paper. Gaines just remembered he did a project with Tyler Stewart. Is PJ a real abbreviation for private jet? Gaines's phone is on silent but keeps ringing and it may be haunted. What's on the Saint Louis Live Christmas list? iPhones, cars, billboards, season tickets, and Giamatti wants health care. JBro is willing to travel into the city for a listener lunch. Gaines's water continues to get colder. Travis is welcoming everyone into his world. Consuming adult content back in the day was pretty challenging. Jeff hacked his dial up back in the day. Travis didn't know the Blues had an emergency goalie yesterday. Jeff's a rights holder who goes too soft on the Blues. Travis wants to have a skate-off with Hockey Bob to become Hockey Trav and if he loses he has to be a porter. Hockey Bob calls in to explain that he's bowlegged. Blues' emergency goalie Tyler Stewart (@TStewart_92) calls in to talk about living his dream. Travis thinks this is the best hidden story in sports. It turns out that more of us played hockey than expected. Travis wants to know where all the hockey holes are. Chris Cyr pops in a little early and it's awesome. 

Segment Three (with Chris Cyr and the Denmans) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Joined in studio by comedian Chris Cyr (@cdcyr) for the Chris Cyr Hour. Turn up for Katy Perry, everybody. Gaines is insistent that Katy Perry is not welcome at his wedding. Chris is going to do serious comedy and we're trying to jam some sick beats behind him. Is everyone in on Star Wars? Chris says he's medium big. Chris is with Jeff on the Wikipedia reading of movies. Has Chris ever booted someone from a show? Would Trav? Chris is gonna punt one every show once he's a headliner. Travis is trying to put Chris on Modern Family. Denman has some thoughts on preachers and hucksters. Travis is previewing his Joy FM show. The organ music for Travis was a little more like Dracula. Gaines continues to try to wrap the Chris Cyr hour. Yale Hollander is a prop comic now. It would be really hard to follow Gallagher at an open mic. We spend some time breaking down Gallagher's career trajectory. We have a serious problem with water theft around here. Chris wore all black to a show once and got mistaken for a bouncer of bathroom attendant. House Of Cards is getting recast and Travis wants to adjust some other shows too. Chris has some deep and dark thoughts on malls. Gaines is glad the President is letting him say Christmas again. Gaines is probably going to drink 21 beers tonight. Denman prefers vodka soda to vodka tonic. Why does everyone count their drinks? Travis has concerns about booger sugar. Defensive tackles are the QBs of the defense. Jeff may or may not have been an accidental undercover cop. TSA gets very grabby sometimes. Gaines got cleared by a dog once. How do we figure out what counts as a Tyler Perry movie? "Oscar bait" sounds like a thing the Weinsteins might do. The Denmans make a special guest appearance! Travis had a little wedding trouble. Fair Or Foul ends the show as always.

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