Saint Louis Live! 12/7/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

Dallas is here tonight and it's cold, so it's hockey season no matter what Gaines says. Vladimir Tarasenko hasn't scored much over the last few weeks and it's probably time to be concerned. The callers and texters are hot this morning on St. Louis being a solid sports city. Jim calls in for a good chat and then Hockey Bob calls in while driving people around in his Uber. Jeff goes back and forth for a while with Marcus Hennessy about the NBA in St. Louis.

Segment One (with Brandon Lang) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis is going to try three hours today. Gaines is here with the matte finish on his hair. Gaines and Chris have shower problems. Michelle Wolf has gotten the WAL bump and may or may not be ethnically ambiguous. Hockey Bob's Uber patrol is providing a lot of content this morning. Gaines was a regular caller to Kevin Slaten in high school. Mike Lee's Space Bar calls in to show off the speakerphone in his office. Larry Conners says Giamatti is a fine young man. Chris doesn't know who Tony Hrkac is so he can't go to Affton. There's a lot of Lululemon at the Whole Foods hot bar. Giancarlo Stanton was liking social media stuff yesterday and he may put Hunter Pence out of a job. Gaines has an update on the Paul brothers. Gaines is excited to watch Psych The Movie. Joined by Brandon Lang (@RealBrandonLang) to talk about whatever Brandon talks about. Gaines is looking for losses for the Rams because we're not content to just assume they're going to win. Some people are rooting for the forest fire. Travis going to tank Hockey Bob's Uber rating. Gaines is after Stu Durando and Chris wants Mike Martz at Mizzou. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We go through several iterations of the Gateway Powder Coating song without perfecting it and then go into a discussion about fancy Christmas sweaters. Fake ugly Christmas sweaters are a ripoff. Travis refuses to accept Bill Cosby as part of the black community. We all say "ope." Jeff is too conscious of where the right spot is on the back to squeeze by someone. Frottage is discussed for a while. Sweaters from the past decades could've been really cool to wear now. Travis gets to go to a wedding this weekend. Random t-shirts can be a conversation piece. Travis has a history of stealing valor. Jeff tried to get a salad last night and the salad bar was shut down. Giamatti is storing up all the audio of things Jeff has said that may get him in trouble. Jeff was really terrible at coordinating a wedding shuttle bus. Gaines absolutely hates people who try to organize things. Chris is happy to leave people behind who are too drunk to get on the bus. Travis gets annoyed by backseat organizers. Travis is hoping for reciprocity in his own bachelor party. Bruno Mars would be a great bachelor party concert. Jeff got in a fight at a Modest Mouse concert. Bruno Mars might come to Busch Stadium when Travis gets married in his 70s. The Russians got banned from the Olympics and Travis admires that they don't give a damn about anything. Are the Winter Olympics at PF Changs? Jeff shared an elevator with Dave Peacock once and Gaines thinks he's a fraud. Is it OK to record people in public when they're talking about sensitive things? Chris's shoulder is so weak that he couldn't throw out the first pitch at a Cards game. Chris found his first pair of Jordans yesterday. Giamatti passed the bar on Facebook. Passing out terrible news over light music is good. Gaines hates John Mozeliak. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Roger Goodell is officially getting paid and Gaines says it's about the next CBA negotiations. Players aren't that thrilled about it. The players can't wait out the owners so the sacrifices are difficult. The divide among players has been able to be exploited over the years. It's difficult to get the players together and organized. DeMaurice Smith has won the media and has a lot of experience but has a bad relationship with Goodell and may not be effective as the head of the PA. The NFLPA has a challenge because Tom Brady really doesn't care about the labor things. Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding is some generous casting but Tonya Harding really was kind of a dime in the 90s. Is it weird that Margot Robbie was buddy buddy with Tonya Harding? The media painted Nancy Kerrigan pretty unfairly. Suicide Squad could've been a career ruiner. Margot Robbie might be mad if she was in the wrong year. Is Jennifer Lawrence's moment over? Chris is going to go cover the UFC. Travis ate all of Dave's pizza. We try to talk about Jerusalem for a while. Travis just wants to ignore Trump as much as possible. Chris's brother is coming and Travis is exciting. Stephen Piscotty could end up in Oakland and Shohei Ohtani may be in Seattle. Gaines is beyond furious with Mozeliak talking about traffic. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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