Saint Louis Live! 12/5/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues are in Montreal tonight, and that's always a fun trip for guys who grew up watching hockey in Quebec. Sammy Blais is one of those guys, and he's made a bunch of important contributions to the lineup. The team is easy to gauge when things are going good and going bad. Darlene Green signed but didn't distribute the stadium bonds yesterday, and that sets off a long conversation about stadium financing and the reality of ownership finances in St. Louis. Can we get the mayor on the show? The Cardinals have done awfully well in their investment in the team. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris's body can't ever operate at peak efficiency. A storm finally broke last night and now it's going to be cold. Lots of dirty hits in Monday Night Football last night and it's not the game the NFL wants to see. TJ Oshie got a dirty hit last night too and it may not be good if football players fought on the field. Too many hockey tough guys end up on TV. Gaines hates gold gloves. Stanton could be fun but Chris is interested in the Rays. Sandy Alcantara may be as good as gone in some form. The starting rotation looks pretty rough right now. Kyle Lohse batted in extra innings in the World Series. Jose Martinez came out of nowhere and was a victory for scouting. It's weird that Jeff follows Randal Grichuk on Instagram. Gaines thinks the reason there are conflicting reports on Stanton dragging out is because of the differing sources. Derek Jeter is not handling things well at all. Is there Jeter mythos being shattered a little bit? What would a Giancarlo-flavored soda taste like? Big League Chew was a gateway drug. Jeff was horrible at baseball and he was afraid of the ball. Hockey Bob calls in with some Blackhawks hot takes. What does Jeff think of the Winnipeg Jets? Gaines's biggest life tragedy is only getting one burger instead of two after a game once. Which team is going to be leaving next? Gaines misses Rams games all the time. Jeff was at one of the lowest points for the Blues and takes pride in it. 

Segment Two (with Bob Nightengale) - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

The Winklevoss twins became the world's first bitcoin billionaires yesterday, and it's nice to see the little guy succeeding for once. Is it risky to be a bitcoin pirate? Everyone has their own coins and advertising them can be risky. Seattle is getting a massive renovation of the Key Arena and it may mean a new hockey team. Vegas may not be the best environment for baseball. Dick Vitale may be the only die hard Rays fan. The SLU investigation is dragging out. Herm Edwards may not have known what the Arizona State mascot was. Gaines thinks the model that focuses on the coordinators is great for coaching but doesn't get why you would hire Edwards to be the guy. Tennessee still hasn't hired a coach. Bob Nightengale (@BNIghtengale) of USA Today joins the show to break down some baseball. The David Price deal might be one that they want to wind back. Benjamin Hochman went to meet Gene Bess and got a great burger. Shake Shack comes with exclusivity but there's one in Detroit and Lexington so maybe it's not that cool. Mark Zuckerberg came here so the city might be back. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

There's a Shake Shack in Delaware so maybe it's not cool. How long will you wait at a restaurant? Chris may be more forgiving of restaurants than Jeff is. The Lou would never make you wait for an hour. Jeff thinks the Titanic is interesting and nobody else does. SLU High didn't go on a lot of field trips. Jeff saw Hamilton on Broadway and may brag about it too often. What's the Mt. Rushmore of Christmas movies? The Santa Clause is underrated. Ralphie's mom plays a topless lesbian in Slap Shot. There's gonna be Star Wars in perpetuity. Does Katy Perry look like Emily Blunt? Chris is convinced they look alike but nobody else does. Jeff saw Ben Gibbard break a guitar. Is midget ok to say? Michael Scott may have ruined U2. Chris hates Dave Matthews Band. Gaines has never heard of Sublime. Do people fight less at sporting events than they used to? Fights at Rams games just used to burn themselves out. Being a big man on a plane can mean an empty seat sometimes. Every group of friends needs a Dark Web Guy. The financial situation for the Blues was really bad for a really long time. Spagnuolo's voice should have been the first warning sign. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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