Saint Louis Live! 12/29/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Jada Foster

Jada is in for a Wake Up Hour to wind down the year. Jeff's morning got off to an inauspicious start so everything is a little thrown off this morning. Amazon is a little slow on the uptake this time of year and it's hard to be mad but everybody wants their stuff. Jada has a bunch of projects in the hopper and Jeff wants to know if she was dancing on a car hood in a music video. Jeff and Jada talk about the inherent social structures in St. Louis and whether or not living here would be different if they felt like they were more a part of them. The President may or may not be in some serious kind of cognitive decline. Marion Barry was a crackhead but he may have been an effective mayor of DC anyway. Can you grow crack in your backyard? 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines is playing in a Wiffle Ball tournament this weekend that might be a front for some kind of money laundering. Thankfully, it's indoors. Everyone is sick right now and we're limping big time to the finish line. We had an awesome turnout for our comedy show last night, so thanks! Would you rather be firing out both ends for two days or have the sniffles for a week? Travis had to deal with some baby hawks this morning. Why the hell can't people in St. Louis get west on 40 when it curves even a little bit? Merging is a serious issue. We're anti-bicycle around here. Jeff calls pedestrians "walkies." St. Louis has a black police chief now. Gaines would've preferred a police chief be hired from outside of St. Louis. We'd love to have Chief Hayden on but, shockingly, City Hall is not super good at answering emails. Is St. Louis the Browns or Patriots of crime? We probably wouldn't get arrested for putting bow ties on statues, but Travis might. The Gaines for Mayor campaign is getting swinging in earnest. Travis wants to run the zoo so he can ride the animals. Gaines wants to charge a gym membership to the zoo. Lil Wayne is going to be here for NYE and we're trying to name the Migos. Jeff used to drunk dial the White House which is probably not very cool. We had an excellent time at Listener Lunch yesterday and Hockey Bob was definitely holding court. Travis is on the rocks with JBro. We're too humble for ratings. Jeff plays the Team USA victory song and Travis won't allow cursing to represent our country. The Starbucks guy took care of Chris this morning. Jeff starts talking about Mike Hoffman and Gaines realized that Jeff breached the DMZ of the hockey minute. Johnny Football may be heading up north to the CFL. Manziel may be showing up at Wrestlemania to throw an XFL ball at somebody's head. Gaines is anti-Bieber now that he's turned his life over to Christ. Jason DeRulo screams his own name too much. We all try singing our own names. Travis may have relations in the new year. 

Segment Two (with Benjamin Hochman) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Everyone is sick this morning, including Benjamin Hochman. We're following up on yesterday's breaking Chrissy Teigen news. Travis has some issues with the word "Nippon." What set off the discrepancy that managed to turn a flight around four hours in? Travis and Gaines have some questions about what Chris does and doesn't eat in the bedroom. Gaines wants to drive a Party Uber and call it a "Puber." Chris would happily kill anyone who breaks their leg on the Oregon Trail. There's no need to stop between here and Memphis and Jeff only stopped between here and Chicago for content. Matty Bear may be at war with Gaines. Dexter Fowler is having a baby during the season and Gaines is holding him accountable. Some people actually do have hot takes about athletes having babies during the season. Travis wouldn't trade Cuonzo for Frank Martin. Frank Martin is Cuban and Cubans may be mean. Going to the Final Four helps save his job. Zach Duke somehow made 56 appearances for the Cardinals and wrote a very nice letter thanking the city for some reason. Jeff and Randy Choate may be doing a pregame show next year. Chris wouldn't even tell on a Cardinals player who murdered someone in the clubhouse. Gary Bennett is a pretty interesting Twitterer. Joined by our good buddy Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) to break down the 2017 sports scene in St. Louis. The transition to The Athletic represents some interesting challenges. There's a demand for high level content but it's really hard to establish a foothold in the marketplace. Travis would really be shocked if the Cardinals didn't do anything else this winter. Mike Lee's Space Bar is coming after us at 9. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

It's the last Friday of 2017 so we're really shaking out the Katy Perry today. Game Time Drive Time is at Gaslight tomorrow, so make sure you check that out. We weren't always #blessed so we're struggling out here but having an excellent time with it. Gaines's highlight of 2017 was being hired by BBB and LeBron's finals performance. Jeff enjoys seeing sausage being made. Chris loves Target Practice and shaving Travis's head. Travis isn't borrowing someone's car and also putting gas in it. Giamatti has our best drops of 2017 assembled. Lady Bird is probably the most important member of the show this year. Jeff is fine with taking a taser. Would you rather have Manny Machado or have your loan debt go away? We spend some time anticipating the biggest sports story of 2018. Travis is calling a Stanley Cup victory. Travis forgot that he got to hang out with Big Al in 2017. Are we cancelling Fair or Foul at the end of the year? New Year's Eve is amateur night so please don't go out and be stupid. Travis has some fun trying to spell "Rzepczynski." Gaines actually is good at wiffle ball. Gaines also refuses to share McDoubles. Travis is sick of Papa Denman and is coming after JPD. Jeff was on the first and last show of the year and that's unlikely. Travis has some difficulty with what "reporting" is. Chris loves it when Travis interviews himself. Travis is going to walk an hour a week in 2018. Gaines won't say a full sentence to a stranger in 2018. Sex robots are an important part of being a kept man. What the hell happened to Tim Hortons? Travis wants a coffee shop but it can only be black. Mike Girsch really needs a nickname. We might do Target Practice Mo from across the street. Fair or Foul closes 2017 as always.

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