Saint Louis Live! 12/28/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

We're back from Christmas but the Blues still can't score any goals. The loss of Schwartz has been huge but the depth players simply have to step up more than they have so far this season. The World Juniors kicked off over the break and Jeff promises that junior hockey can actually be interesting to watch sometimes. The Blues extended Doug Armstrong yesterday, so he's the guy they're going to trust to shepherd them through another retooling. Most of Armstrong's trades have been impressive but his contract extensions have been fairly questionable. The Steen deal is almost certainly going to be an albatross moving forward. The St. Louis lawsuit against the NFL is progressing and the NFL certainly doesn't want anyone to be deposed. St. Louis may not be willing to settle if they're out for blood more than money. 

Segment One (with Martin Rucker) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Happy Thursday but Monday! We were all happy to be off. The hawk is definitely out this morning. Mizzou did not have much of a good week while we were gone. Gaines was happy to be justified in his belief that Barry Odom is not a good coach. Tom Herman spiked the ball on Drew Lock and Gaines thinks it's OK to be upset about it. If the NCAA is going to sell amateurism then the coaches should pretend like that's a thing too. Travis stepped out into multiple hawks this morning. Travis is asked to spell "Kwanzaa" and does pretty well with it. Chris got a Google Home and a security camera for Christmas but he's the only prowler. Gaines is a French cuffs and cufflinks guy. Travis was none too pleased with the Tigers. The punter was the MVP for Texas last night. Taking the ball out of Lock's hands to start the game was a bad choice. Marcell Frazier blamed Josh Heupel and it's certainly an excuse even if it's a fair one. Gaines thinks Barry Odom is not qualified to be a head coach in the SEC and has the least impressive resume of anyone in the conference. Last night probably gives Drew Lock some hesitation about coming back. Joined LIVE by Martin Rucker (@RuckerSouthSide) to break down all the Mizzou fun. Mizzou undermined pretty much everything they've been working on for weeks with their flawed game plan last night.  What is Barry Odom going to do with talent once it reaches the field even if he's able to recruit? Landing one big recruit can have a huge snowball effect on the rest of the roster. Setting up recruiting pipelines is really important for the future. 

Segment Two (with Sam Snelling) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We're recording Game Time Drive Time live on Saturday because it's hard to talk about the Hurricanes otherwise. Joined by Sam Snelling (@SamTSnelling) of Rock M Nation to talk some Mizzou hoops. KFB definitely gets to take a lap today. Mizzou shot poorly but Illinois did a great job of making Mizzou take bad shots. Brad Underwood may not be a great recruiter but he's definitely a better in-game coach. Travis is giving Yale some tips on smack talking because he's trying to cross over too many sports. Jeff busts out 90 seconds of Blues talk and then we get out Morning Melee and Fair Or Foul. Travis doesn't understand why white kids walk home by themselves in a town where kids are always getting kidnapped (he saw It). Gaines is waging war on The Last Jedi. We're mostly a prize laundering front. Gaines is going to fight Hockey Bob at lunch if he steals any food. Hockey Bob calls in to drop some names. Travis is a fan! He's a True Son! And he's yelling about it! The best sports day of 2017 was probably on January 2nd. Gaines is really not having it with Stu Durando. Travis says he's not a pocket watcher and encourages other people to spend all their money. Jeff read Ned Coletti's book and Travis thinks he's turning in to Bernie. Travis gets called out for supporting a slave state and he says there are great people on both sides. Is Jeff a one upper? Quantrill's nickname might have been "Many Sides." It's hard for us to tell if we feel fatter. Travis is glad the adult sites were also in the Christmas spirit. Marshmallow Christmas wreaths are divisive. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Giamatti is banging this morning. He might be our house DJ. Chrissy Tiegen had a pretty un-fun trip to Tokyo this weekend. It might have been a little more logical to just go on ahead to Tokyo. The airline picked a pretty bad flight to turn around when you had a huge social media presence on board. Travis saw Bright over break and we weren't particularly impressed by it. Gaines really doesn't like the plot of The Last Jedi. Travis talked himself into liking Batman v. Superman and thinks Jeff has done the same thing with TLJ. If Black Panther is bad, Travis will be its biggest apologist. Travis defends things in public that he goes after in the community. Cardi B makes money moves so she'll probably be fine. Ben Fred had some hot takes on MPJ and Travis is soft on the Porters. The lack of follow on the Porter interview is really frustrating for people who cover the team. Gaines thinks he needs to be facing the Mizzou media if he's going to do national press. Travis may be Truman The Tiger in his spare time. Some high school programs aren't willing to engage Mizzou because of some of the PR-related behavior. Mizzou really doesn't have the clout to be treating everyone like Bill Belichick. We may or may not ever get the real story with whatever is actually going on with Michael Porter. Eli Apple had to poop yesterday and imagine the horror of saying it in front of female reporters. It's really shocking that Spagnuolo couldn't pull the Giants together. We all forgot the Chargers weren't in San Diego any more. Todd Gurley maybe should be the NFL MVP. Jimmy GQ looks like he's the real deal in San Francisco. James Harrison is a Patriot and his old teammates are not impressed. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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