Saint Louis Live! 12/22/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Travis Terrell

The Blues lost in Edmonton last night and it continues to be a long December. It's hard to blame Allen for McDavid scoring on a 2 on 1, but sometimes the goalie needs to step up. Jeff goes through the scoring streaks that players are on or not on right now and the numbers are ugly. Going through potential rentals highlights a serious problem with the salary structure the Blues are dealing with. Alex Steen's deal is going to be brutal. Travis shows up for the last segment of the Wake Up Hour and there's some mini-Fair or Foul around Starbucks being open on Christmas.

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

It's our last show before Christmas and it's a happy Friday. Momma Gaines sent along treats this morning and Travis gives her a sultry thank you. Chris is off of DMX Rudolph. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is currently incarcerated and playing for the Lakers. KCP has to play basketball with a lojack on and the Pepe guys might be making a meme out of him. Papa John got himself canned. Diddy should buy Papa John's and call it Big Papa's. The Papa John news got dropped over Christmas which makes a lot of sense. Jeffersontown, KY doesn't seem like a great place. Travis gets heated when people yell "Blackfish" at him in public. One way to get your Christmas spirit back is to watch all of the Christmas episodes of The Office. At least Dwight Schrute knows not to throw on the black face. Did black face work in Tropic Thunder? European soccer is basically racist as hell all the time. Are we impish or admirable? Every mom knows how to curl ribbons with scissors. The NFL is ripping off Barstool and Barstool sent them a C&D. Jim Edmonds is having twin boys and may have a little black in him. Jeff gives the 90 second hockey update. Giamatti is having a rave in the audio booth. The Cardinals offseason may now not be headed in a good direction. The market has been extremely slow this winter. The Reds are absolutely lost right now and headed in no direction. Joey Votto isn't leaving Cincinnati and it leaves them handcuffed. San Francisco is way too overpriced. Travis is a rich boy for going to San Francisco. Vince McMahon liquidated $100M and the XFL is coming. St. Louis has a rich history of arena football. If there's an audience for bad college football, there's probably an audience for bad professional football. The Wilpons may or may not be broke boys. It turns out they actually made money off of Madoff. HBO makes some good ass movies. So many actors got wrecked but at least Jason Priestley wrecked Harvey back a little. 

Segment Two (with Benjamin Hochman) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Miley brings us back from break and we play a guessing game that never has her name in it. Starbucks is giving away gift cards today and Jeff might hate homeless people. Hockey Bob calls in with holiday greetings and he has some feelings on Howard Cosell and Meg Ryan. Is Hockey Bob a better caller than Caller JR? Dick Enberg passed away and it's super sad. Jeff tries talking about the Olympics and hockey and no one cares but Travis is excited for Pyongchang. Having a Winter Olympics that close to North Korea may not be a great idea. This is an excellent opportunity to write a sequel to The Interview. Travis insists that Michael Porter is coming back for the SEC tournament. Travis confused Cuonzo Martin and Frank Haith and has had a racist couple of minutes here on the show. Chris got okey doked by Dan Caesar who is terrible at his job. We can have Dan host the WALies. Brenda Warner has an Arizona look now and not a Joy 99 look. We're joined LIVE by our dear friend Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) of the Post-Dispatch to talk about his story on Jake Bain and a variety of other fun things. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines is hitting the market up this morning now that bitcoin is plunging. Is bitcoin for white people? Christmas Eve is on a Sunday so there's lots of church involved. Nobody flops around on the floor at white church. Travis likes it when the plate gets sent around because the guy with the stick makes him feel self conscious. If we tithed we could be on the Convy show. Seven button purple suits appear to be in vogue. Getting lit at Christmas can make it more fun. Giamatti pregamed church because he's super South City. Chris is surprised that Yale did something funny at a comedy show. Jeff would wear a Mardi Gras suit to black church. Does Jeff go to Kwanzaa parties? Gaines absolutely insists that none of us are invited to his Christmas party. Travis got his dog a Christmas present. Travis felt it would be best to allow women to feel equality by ghosting them. Gaines is gonna work on getting his 5K times in order as we get excited for the WALies. Gucci Mane dropped a mix tape. Dave Chapelle's new stuff is pretty great. Where did Ray King go? Gaines insists that nobody wants to come to his family gatherings because people on the Hill like Bob Romanik. Trump is going to sign the tax bill and hopefully some GIFs come out of it. Steve Bannon looks like a pizza. Travis thinks it's unfair to have fine ass police ladies. We're doing the black bowtie protest if the Cardinals don't add 5 WAR or do add Mike Moustakas. Travis tries to transition to the gun buyback program. Otis O'Neill is bringing in some guns to be traded in. Today is amnesty day to drive around with all your guns. Bo might not be hanging out with the Obamas anymore. Barack really is living his best life right now. Dubya is doing exactly what we thought he would do. Trump has been great for the Dubya brand. Secret Service was way too slow to react to the thrown shoes. For the first time ever, Naughty Or Nice closes the show. 

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