Saint Louis Live! 12/21/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues lost in Calgary last night and now haven't scored an even strength goal in a week. Both the effort and the coaching were below expectations last night. After the roster freeze, it may be time to look seriously into some roster shakeups. Jeff gets Christmas presents in patterns for his niece and nephew which takes him off the hook shopping-wise. Evan Longoria became a Giant yesterday and it changes a lot about what the Cardinals may have been planning to do with their offseason. Jeff talks about a WaPo story which covers European NHL players getting their driver's licenses. It can be a struggle to adjust to life in North America and it's not one that gets a lot of notice very frequently. 

Segment One (with Brandon Lang) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris and Travis were a little bit tardy so Gaines is holding Travis accountable before he comes into the studio. We might be the Michael Gaines show today. Gaines insists that he didn't watch the SLU game while drinking. The new format for the show will be everyone doing their own hour. Wyatt Cenac isn't really excited about Jon Stewart's Herman Cain voice. Chris picked up Travis this morning and Travis might have carjacked him. Gaines is really unhappy with the Title IX investigation at SLU. The process is lengthy but it may be the best one we currently have to deal with gender discrimination claims on campus. How old does a person have to be before they're responsible for their actions? There are consensual things that are still very stupid. Joined by Brandon Lang (@realbrandonlang) to handicap the universe. The Michael Bennett thing went away pretty quick. Run away from active shooters! The Bennett actions in Jacksonville have nothing to do with what he did or didn't do in Vegas. The NFL was probably afraid to suspend Michael Bennett because of his activism. Players who are used to winning may not react to losing well. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

James Gunn and Jenna Fischer could have been the first couple of St. Louis. Travis wants to share a bath bomb with a lady. Dan Le Batard held Rob Manfred accountable for fibbing about the Marlins yesterday. Manfred tried to lawyer his way out of answering straight but Le Batard had him dead to rights. If Warren Buffett buys something you probably weren't supposed to sell it. Jeter got rid of the sculpture which seems like a bad decision. Le Batard was perfectly justified in taking the tactics he did but for the most part they get giant softball interviews. The South Florida fan base is actually pretty good, but MLB is doing a bad job of tapping in to it. Not all parts of Miami are super glamorous. Teams are profitable even if no fans show up and they never win a single game. Will Jeter still own the Marlins in five years? If the NFL situation didn't happen, the MLS would probably have a franchise here. Something stinks with the Blues building of a practice facility and the land transfers in Maryland Heights. Eddie DeBartolo wants back in the club and now all of the sudden Oakland is an open market. Travis will allow for 90 seconds of Blues talk. Jeff pretty much nails it and plows through all the problems with the Blues. Travis tries to talk about the Lakers but it becomes Ball talk in a hurry. LaVar is figuring out how turn a shoe company from a scam into a business opportunity. Gaines wants to be the CFO of the Big Baller Brand. Le Batard and Ball and McAfee really does make this a Gaines morning. Travis wants Diddy to get into the shoe game. What happened to Brother Love? Everyone gave up on Snoop Lion too. Jeff thinks the SEC is bad at basketball and they aren't, but he doesn't think he should be made fun of for watching the Captials. Travis had dreads before he learned about the NCAA.

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Giamatti picks the music and we're stuck with Vertical Horizon but it turns out to be a pretty damn good jingle for Melissa Keyser. Jeff is pigging out on all the leftovers. Travis likes to keep up on his celebrity gossip. Eminem has been hitting up Grindr recently. We're the show of record when it comes to Grindr news. Chris thinks Eminem is probably messing with people. If the aliens come, does Trump get to meet them? Gaines wants Mike Pence to be probed. 2017 has been such a train wreck that we don't even notice when Eminem comes out and aliens show up. Black Twitter came after Chris for speaking out in support of The Interview. Chris is joining the war on the listeners. We spend time breaking down the photoshop of listeners as chicken wings. Jeff accidentally outs Peyton for having a nose ring. Travis is trying very hard to talk about Jesus on the air and Chris and Jeff won't let them. The church was responsible for a lot of really bad stuff and it was very bad to speak out in favor of Cardinal Law. Gaines is super in to the Jesuit Pope. How does a Pope just quit? The Michael Gaines Show comes back with Barstool talk. Carton and Rusillo are probably going to Barstool. How much money does Rusillo make anyway? The Skipper thing really came out of nowhere. Will Kane might be kind of like Skip Bayless. Jeff doesn't get how Skip can be gross but his brother is a really good chef. Maybe Skip Bayless is actually a nice guy. Travis likes to talk himself out of his own arguments all the time. Travis took his sisters shopping yesterday and went at 5 PM to the mall. The West County mall was outside of all of our reach when we were young. Travis is very impressed by the polite retail workers. The Cardinals were giving out free hot chocolate yesterday and it may be the reason the Cardinals can't trade for Machado. Gaines is really afraid the Cardinals are done now. We're organizing a black bow tie protest. Travis is holding Dunkirk accountable. A human statue Stan Musial taking a knee might result in a death. Ladue would block the highway if that happened. Giamatti airballs the intro but Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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