Saint Louis Live! 12/20/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues are in Calgary tonight and will be trying to scrape up goals anywhere they can find them. Tage Thompson is going to get every opportunity to spark the team at even strength as well as on the power play. The Jagr signing isn't working out all that well for Calgary. Jeff goes through the full 25 man roster for the Cardinals and discovers there are some big holes as you get deeper into the bullpen. Why do the Cardinals insist on going with 13 pitchers? John Gant may be asked to play a much bigger role. The Vegas Golden Knights may or may not be real, but the Vegas Flu definitely is. A team playing to stick together is a team that's likely to be dangerous as the year goes on. 

Segment One (with Dr. Ed) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Chris and Jeff are here and they're a little lonely here in the morning. Jeff broke down the full Cardinals roster which is what you do when you need to fill some time. There's nowhere to stay in Vegas that's a good hotel that's not basically on the strip. MLB players have a much later schedule than hockey players. Jeff once yelled happily at Vladimir Tarasenko on the street. Should we have Patrico sit in? Jeff says he eats well but his diet yesterday was not very good. Shake Shack makes people feel cool. Dr. Ed comes in for his weekly visit. Dr. Ed is skeptical about letting the hounds loose to track down wild hogs. Jeff thought he was tracking wildlife patterns but instead he just saw a deer. Dr. Ed has some tips for going to meet your pet for the first time. Cats tend to have very stable personalities but dogs take a while to reveal themselves. Dr. Ed is largely pro-pit bull. Allergy issues have been really rough for dogs with the warm weather. Pits are dogs where you can tell where you stand with them very easily. Breed restrictions can be really hard to deal with sometimes. Travis makes an appearance to say hello to Dr. Ed. We go a little too far into the somewhat grizzly Washington Post story about the woman who got eaten by her dogs. You can make donations to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of Dr. Ed's father, who we talk about for a bit.

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Chris is having a hard time with the word "billboard" this morning. Jeff has a game based on Christmas movie themes and it was pretty good. No one remembers who Faison Love is. Did Travis confuse Faison Love with Lavell Crawford? Travis likes to go to strip clubs on Christmas. What's the best holiday to go to the casino? Mizzou won last night and Travis is still trying to convince everyone that Stephen F. Austin is a good team. Should Illinois bring back the Chief? Probably not. Cuonzo went into the SFA locker room to tell them they're good. Jeff thinks it's condescending and he's probably wrong. Cuonzo Martin's genuine response helps people understand why he's been so effective at recruiting players. SFA actually gave Mizzou a little bit of a boost on the RPI front. Ian Bagg has come to the conclusion that the tax plan means the country is all over. Travis thinks the country is the same as the Rams relocating. Chris isn't a fan of both sides-ism. Jeff thinks there's a last gasp of power structures who don't want things to collapse and that's why it's a problem for now. Institutions matter. Chris is mad that patriotism brings side eye with it. Protest is the founding action of America so stop saying it's not patriotic. Selling off patriotism can be a profitable venture. Country music made a bunch of money off of 9/11. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

People are really bad at knowing what Born In The USA is about. SLU won and Mizzou signed some dudes. Drew Lock is likely returning to Mizzou next year. Maybe Mizzou can be rough and tumble next year but probably not. Jeff wants Tim Lincecum to come home to St. Louis. How much worse would Lincecum be than Adam Wainwright? Travis is trying to mack on listeners' wives. JBro has to give Travis a ride to lunch but he has to keep the car. Travis wants to talk about live musical broadcasts. Travis and Chris have to go to Christmas Eve church and Jeff is dipping out. Travis had to go to a hell of a lot of church as a kid. Caller JR is making his glorious return to the show. Jeter held a town hall meeting with Marlins fans last night and it did not go that great. Marlins Man wants to throw out a bunch of first pitches and is probably pretty whiny. The Marlins have as many championships in the last 20 years as the Cardinals do. We're anti-Cardinal Cowboy here. Chris thinks Marlins Man may be a greater American than Derek Jeter. Travis has declared that we're a pro-Jeter show. The Hall of Presidents is open again and Trump lives there now. They might have started to build a Hillary and turned it into Trump. Zach Britton ruptured his Achilles yesterday and it might be some Manny Machado news. It's possible that Stephen Piscotty went Tonya Harding on Zach Britton. It's Braggin Rights week! Get excited! The Pro Bowl is in Orlando now and it's pretty lame. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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