Saint Louis Live! 12/18/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Travis Terrell

The Blues had a less than inspiring weekend against the Jets but managed to escape with a split. The lack of talent throughout the lineup is starting to shine through and getting through this rough stretch will be a challenge. Hockey Bob calls in and some discussion of the mid-90s Avalanche follows. The Cardinals settled down over the weekend but may not be settled for long, and Jeff is totally invested in his Rays conspiracy theory. Travis shows up for the final segment as Jeff breaks down a pretty uninteresting casino regulation story. Travis didn't see Star Wars this weekend. Jeff may have been inspired for a couple screenplays this weekend. Being stuck on the tarmac for eight hours sounds like a nightmare. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

The hot stove cooled down for the Cardinals over the weekend but Gaines still thinks Machado is coming. Travis convinced himself that since it didn't happen this weekend it won't happen at all. Disney World is stressful. Why do people care what number baseball players wear? Pat Neshek is kind of a nerd. Travis has a clutch Pat Neshek impression. The Royals are back to being the Royals. The Orioles may have baked in a fake deadline. Momma Gaines texts in with her bag of bath bombs that Gaines is getting for Christmas. Gaines is concerned that the Cardinals would miss out on a deal because of a hesitation to deal Flaherty. The Cardinals haven't traded any meaningful prospects since Dan Haren. Cankles did some standup. Chris got some free hand me down curtains this weekend and spent some time trying to hang them. Judd Apatow had a terrible standup special. Chris is now a call out comedy snob. Cankles and Yale are going to be competing for plugs on the air now. Gaines is an everything snob. What is pickleball anyway? The lines for the brewery lights were absolutely insane this weekend. Jeff yells at nuns at Christmas light displays. A guy was hanging around the ATM this weekend and Jeff wasn't happy about it. Cankles calls in to peacock around his standup performance. Travis is going to start throwing his underwear on stage at comedy shows. The Rams are good now and it may be starting to hurt. Travis is trying to make Andrew Wentworth black. The Case Keenum thing is pretty crazy. Gaines thinks there's a lot of value in having healthy fat guys. Hue Jackson is 1-29 as the head coach of the Browns and he may be coming back. People wearing Rams gear in St. Louis may be allowed to be choked. The Ravens get no history from the Browns. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Hockey Bob is in witness protection, we think. The Steelers and Patriots had a controversial ending last night. The play at the end of the game was probably a catch but the NFL rule is bad. Travis has some hot takes on what a catch is and isn't. Arlington calls in to support #RollTheDice and talk about the catch rule. Arlington is excited about the XFL and it's coming back maybe. The football landscape is very different now than it was last time. College football stars could find a new home. The TV content now is a very different situation. Jeff thinks Vince wants MAGA football but maybe not. American Gladiators wasn't a sport, was it? Mike Lee calls in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The Panthers are being sold and Jerry Richardson isn't fighting it at all. P. Diddy is going to buy the Panthers but may not really know what's going on there. Vince is trawling for trademarks so football is coming here. Travis makes an impassioned plea of InBev. Cam Newton had some fun on the field with Clay Matthews yesterday. Matthews called out a route and they didn't cover it anyway. The Pelicans may or may not be coming to St. Louis. The Blues played this weekend and we probably aren't going to talk about them. They're in rough shape right now and a western Canada trip isn't going to help. The Mills is a terrible abandoned wasteland. Star Wars wasn't loved by Gaines and Jeff thinks it has some upside. Breakfast soup is something that needs to exist. Sgt. Major Rose pops in and brings by some candy. Sgt. Major is a huge Star Wars guy and is holding Gaines accountable. Vader didn't have to be in shape because he had the force. The opening scene was awesome and Gaines isn't mad at it. Travis can't go to a movie with the listeners because he's going to get stood up. Sgt. Maj. Rose sticks around to talk about politics and treatment for PTSD. Sgt. Maj. says he's met some aliens. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris is considering beginning a door knocking campaign. Travis thinks he's a safe driver but he's actually so slow that it's dangerous. Chris went to a holiday bar this weekend and it was passably entertaining. Can we talk about fine wives? Jeff knows how to do time three ways and nobody else has heard about it. The Ottawa radio broadcast had an interesting conversation about Grindr over the weekend. Canadian broadcasters stole Cankles's Grindr joke. MPJ was shooting hoops this weekend and Chris says it was photoshopped. The Lakers may pick very high against next season. What conference is Stephen F. Austin in? Antoine Walker had a little bit of financial trouble. It's important to pick out a specific bathroom to use when you're in need. Travis signed up for high school co-op and mostly didn't go to work. Walmart bathrooms are pretty rough. Black Sheep's dad once named a park after himself. Mayor Gaines wants to start naming things after himself. Chris's brother was dragged through some awkward small talk. Chris accidentally threw away some earbuds. Jay Nixon went from maybe being the Vice President to sitting next to Gaines at the Muny. Some old hippie got his land stolen by the state government. Tony Schiavone ran WCW into the ground. Gaines is not in favor of The Rock as President and Travis doesn't really care. The Panthers ownership group could be a hilarious debacle. Mitt Romney was supposed to save the world and then he didn't. Trey Wingo is actually named Hal. Do women named Janice have big bootys? Julius Hunter has a long Wikipedia page. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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