Saint Louis Live! 12/15/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Jada Foster

Jada is in for a very special Wake Up Hour, mostly to save Jeff from himself after a long night of Star Wars-ing. Weekend plans can unravel into a discussion about how life gets lived on a day to day basis. Does Jeff have pretentious taste in films? Jada does Star Trek and not Star Wars. Giamatti is fast on the dump button this morning. Jada brings out the requisite conversation about intimacy and relationships and how those things all intersect with each other. Travis is through the window for the end of the show and the texters all ask what Travis's favorite stepdad name is while Jada and Jeff talk about what to call their grandparents. Why is it that we all treat Travis like a piece of meat anyway?

Segment One (with Martin Rucker) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones, Jada Foster

Jada sticks around a little bit to kick off the first segment this morning. The takes are hot and the women say they are as well. Gaines is amused that Stu Durando didn't get invited to the Post holiday party. It's a little bit of a salty room this morning. Chris doesn't like people eating into the microphone and Jeff doesn't like Giamatti looking at his phone instead of putting audio up. Gaines has our Hill report because Chris thinks buildings are all being knocked over. Travis doesn't get to be involved in all the Italian stuff. Gaines has a "Mario" in his family. A woman would probably call the cops on Travis for tasting her sauce. Giamatti wants to know about Wild Hogs. The Last Jedi may be a little long. Judd Apatow really needs to be forced to cut a bunch out of his films. Gaines is coming out in support of Jack and Jill and the Zohan. Gaines is not having it with Bomb Pop Guy. Is a comedy a comedy if it's not funny? Chris introduces us to the concept of "a quirkedy." Cankles is going to try standup which is more than Travis has done. Gale and Yale would be a fun comedy act. It's weird that we don't know anything at all about Bollywood. Travis "develops" projects by smoking weed and thinking of stuff. Martin Rucker (@ruckersouthside) joins the show as Gaines claims he dunk on him. Is there a last minute babysitter Uber-esque app?  Gaines likes the idea of planting cacti under a basketball goal. Do you remember your neighbors from when you were young? Everyone has an unnecessarily mean dog. 

Segment Two (with Benjamin Hochman) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Raising twins is a pretty pricey proposition. Travis tries to talk about Net Neutrality and Gaines isn't having it and demands Cardinals talk. When did Todd Frazier turn in to Adam Dunn? Machado would be a very un-Cardinals move but the Cardinals are already making un-Cardinals moves. Ronaldo had a big press conference once. All of the fire seems like it's burning hot with the Cardinals. If the White Sox trade Luis Robert to the Orioles for Machado, Cardinals fans are going to lose their minds. Arlington calls in and Travis asks him about the hood unnecessarily. Arlington spends most of the call promoting his Twitter. Travis thinks the Cardinals are the Ned Flanders of MLB. Derrick Goold has been crushing the reporting and insisting that the Cardinals are rich and don't need to be let off the hook. Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) makes a glorious return to the program. Gaines is a flip flopper and he's Team Mo all of the sudden. Mo has been better and putting together better packages, but Travis is surprised that he's a gunslinger all of the sudden. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

It's a busy Friday full of local celebrities around here. We're all in on the "roll the dice" movement. Travis is really excited about all the players of color finding their way back to St. Louis. Jon Heyman says the Cardinals stack up well in a Machado deal but he's bad at answering his email. Did Manny Machado travel through time to star on Modern Family? A guy in Oakland had a really good idea for Piscotty jersey funds to be donated to the ALS Foundation and the A's president said they're going to do it. Maybe the A's will flip Piscotty over to the Giants. The scub in a scub cap keeps the hawk away. Travis thinks hawks sound like homeless people. Birds make Jeff want to talk about Star Wars. The graphic on the Ozuna tweet was a little bit sketchy. Hockey Bob calls in to drop a little controversy. Gaines goes deep on books of the Bible with Hockey Bob. People go out and spend their hard earned money on baseball so it's OK to have high expectations. People love Shake Shack so much that Amazon would probably run the town for forever and ever.  Would we rather give a giant chunk of the city to Machado or Amazon? People on Rotten Tomatoes are taking The Last Jedi to the woodshed. Travis leaves his adult tabs open on his iPad and thinks that's the same thing as leaving the video in the VCR. The net neutrality conversation is a serious civil rights issue and people haven't taken enough time to learn about it. It seems pretty unlikely that 1100 busses brought people from Mississippi into Alabama. Chris got a little plot twist from a cop once and Travis wants cops to listen to Fair or Foul. Fair or Foul ends the show as always.

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