Saint Louis Live! 12/11/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues picked up a couple wins over the weekend but neither feels particularly meaningful in the light of the injury losses. Patrick Maroon may be a great rental solution. Jaden Schwartz was having a fantastic season but the Blues would be foolish to assume he'll be able to come back at the level he had been at. The Cardinals made their pitch to Stanton and came up short as per usual. Do they have a fair view of the future? It's really hard to know if the team is forward thinking. They may not be a great franchise, but they could be. Hey, Luke Gregerson is coming to town. Who's excited?

Segment One - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines is angry about bowties but at least thinks MIkolas is likely to be better than Tyler Chatwood. The national media sure does love carrying water for the Cardinals front office. Fowler was an OK consolation prize but that deal is starting to look long. Jeff wants to sell upside. If Jed Hoyer and Michael Girsch swapped jobs today, would anybody notice? We're calling Giancarlo Stanton "Daddy Yankee" now. The Cubs and Cardinals had a need for a similar player and the Cubs got the better one. The strategic use of the bullpen is going to be a challenge. Gaines thinks Gregerson is a little bit beyond the sell date. Asset management has been a real struggle so far. Approving the sale to the Marlins by MLB is pretty rough. The difference between Grichuk and Ozuna probably isn't that substantial. Catching up with the Cubs really sucks. Gaines is giving up on the Cardinals if they sign Carlos Gonzalez. Ned Yost shattered his pelvis and nobody would've found him without his phone. Gaines ran a 5K and managed to survive, mostly. Jeff nearly murdered a bicyclist this weekend. Gaines thinks there's zero chance he's happy with the Cardinals at the end of the week. Let's just lose and bring back Pujols. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

It's Star Wars time and Jeff is pretty excited. Gaines and Jeff get together on the air to plan their moving viewing for Star Wars on Friday. Jeff draws the line at the cartoons and the books. We go pretty far down the Star Wars hole for a while. How have Gaines and Chris never heard of a chocolate orange? Jeff has some thoughts on the bullied kid video. Gaines thinks the kid is brave and Jeff is being a jerk. Parenting on Facebook is really bad and we can all get together behind that. We play the video and break it down a little bit. The NFL signed a massive deal with Verizon and business is as good as ever. The Eagles lost Carson Wentz yesterday and they have Nick Foles, but will they reach out to a new QB? Jimmy Garropolo may actually be pretty good. The Rams have done everything they can to make sure Jared Goff doesn't have to do anything. Mike Gruttadaria is a fun name to spell. Twin switching can be really tricky if one doesn't know the other's life. Drinks were being thrown at Jags fans yesterday. Chris wants to give free shots to players who get heckled by fans. Jaden Schwartz got hurt and Jeff thinks that means they have to make a move. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Jeff likes bullies and Gaines hates the Cardinals. Pauly Shore is coming in Friday and Jeff is absolutely having him autograph his copy of Bio-Dome. Chris is a big New Years Eve guy but Jeff and Gaines may not be. Jeff thought Jon Heyman had a good story about the Cardinals and it turns out that it's really terrible. Derrick Goold has to deal with some nonsense. The Cardinals should probably go get Robinson Cano, right? Arte Moreno sure likes being in pictures with free agents. Jeffrey Loria wheeled out Muhammad Ali for the opening of Marlins Park and had no reason for him to be there. Albert may be a little chapped with the Cardinals. Bill DeWitt may be part of the problem here. The Heyward negotiations were all about theatre. The Cardinals are under some external pressure and so they'll probably do something, but it's hard to know what. These Marlins can probably be fleeced. The Marlins are kind of like Nordstrom Rack. Bill Simmons was mad about the Yankees. Old Cardinals sluggers also end up in Texas all the time. There's an arrogance with the Cardinals that's been difficult to sort through. The David Freese experience may have colored the lack of Scherzer pursuit for a while. Jeff goes through a Blues update. Derek Jeter no-showed the Winter Meetings. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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