Saint Louis Live! 12/1/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

It's Hockey Fights Cancer night for the Blues with the Kings in town. LA played in Washington last night and that may play to the Blues' benefit because Darcy Kuemper has really bad numbers against St. Louis. We may be coming down to it on the Stanton front. Jeff might go to Taco Bell too often. The Cardinals bullpen is also pretty bad and needs a bunch of arms thrown at it. Caller Jim has some thoughts on the Cardinals and Blues and clearing up the scheduling issues. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

On the first of the month, the studio turns in to diaper central. It's a Stanton-palooza all over St. Louis as well as in Los Angeles. Peter Gammons says the Marlins want prospect info from the Giants and Cardinals. What exactly are official reports? Stanton should tour the Federal Reserve. Giamatti has some problems with dates. As a pro sports owner, Gaines has some insight into fiscal years. Chris said "hockey sweater" as we talk about Hockey Fights Cancer night. Hey, Travis is here! Gaines doesn't scrape his windshield in the morning. Travis is not optimistic about Giancarlo. Shohei Ohtani is stoked about going to see the Rocky statue. Was the Jimmy Page/P. Diddy song on the Godzilla soundtrack actually good? Jeff and Yale are going to open the Ladle Ladle Ladle food truck. Mozeliak would have to do the John Cusack in Say Anything bit with Stanton. Maybe they can steal Giancarlo from the church like in Wayne's World 2. Let's give Giancarlo the best apartment in Ballpark Village. Travis wants to let Giancarlo treat North City like The Sims. BREAKING NEWS: Yale is in for the soup truck but we have to have matzoh ball soup. Travis is going crazy from all the whiteness this morning. Manute Bol may have been way too old when he was playing basketball. Mizzou basketball may have a ceiling now, but Travis has already shifted his focus to Jeremiah Tilmon. Travis wants to know who the white representative of black people is and isn't thrilled with the answers. The Wal-Mart White Guy is Larry The Cable Guy. 

Segment Two (with Benjamin Hochman) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Giamatti is in charge of the music today and Chris is surprised no one is upset about it. Travis became a godfather last night and spent his time at the hospital tweeting about all of the nurses. Chris is down on SLU nursing degrees. Jeff had a roommate who was an overnight security guard who carried a gun and didn't love the job. Travis doesn't know where babies come from. Michael Flynn is pleading guilty this morning but Katy Perry was at Ted Drewes. Gaines is kicking Katy Perry out of his wedding reception. Tiger had a nice round and shot 69 yesterday, but Travis isn't a fan. Mizzou is going to be a "tough out" according to Travis but won't say they're better than Duke. Is Donald Trump actually a good golfer? He's never made the cut at a pro-am. Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) joins the show to chit chat. The Tennessee AD got canned after only 8 months after royally screwing up the football coach search. Gaines is holding John Currie accountable this morning. 

Segment Three (with Gabe Kea) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Joined live in studio by Gabe Kea (@gabekea) for the last segment. Gabe is a huge Buffalo Wild Wings enthusiast when it comes time to watch hockey games but he's not sure why he has to keep paying the tab. Jeff knows who Daniel Sprong is and everyone is ashamed of it. Gabe was in town for Flyover and had an excellent time. Comedians are notoriously short and Gabe is not and Travis wants to know if it's weird. It's pretty absurd that it took very famous men to get the ball rolling. Gabe had to tell his daughter that The Secret Life Of Pets had to be off limits now. People in Indianapolis aren't ready to get real about Peyton Manning. Travis has a bad history with Gabe's dad. Pope Francis is the woke pope. Gabe has a very Canadian way of saying "sorry." St. Louis has been mad online lately and the transition to MLS was pretty easy. There may have been a little bit of flooding at Westport this weekend. Travis badly wants to talk about the Royal Wedding because he's way too in to Meghan Markle. Was the sexual harassment keeping Roger Ailes alive? Ken Lay may be alive in Argentina. There's way too much Yale Hollander talk this morning. Gabe used to coach at the Christian athlete hockey camp. Fair or Foul ends the show as always. 

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