Saint Louis Live! 11/30/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues lost last night and it was pretty ugly. Zero combined offense from Schenn and Tarasenko is going to make it hard to win games. Hockey Fights Cancer night is Friday and it's going to be pretty emotional. The Hot Stove remains frozen waiting on some movement and it's hard to get to backup plans until the first one is done. Jeff gets deep into the political talk in the second segment and a discussion of decency and what it looks like. Jeff's really excited to be able to shave today because the mustache looks terrible. What would happen if Giamatti got flooded in? He says he'd come in in a canoe. 

Segment One (with Brandon Lang) - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines is excited for his birthday month and Jeff is just excited to shave. The Blues lost last night and everyone on Chris's Twitter is pissed about it. The President and Linda McMahon came to St. Charles yesterday and nothing really happened. Chris's house shook yesterday and he thought it was Air Force One. How do we get more airplanes here? Giamatti had some struggles with the dates this month. Gaines didn't have a cool PE opportunity in high school. Jeff had his own office his senior year of high school and no one thinks it's cool. Gaines wore a white tux to high school graduation. Gaines thinks Russell Wilson should be the MVP. Steve in Wildwood texts in with uncomfortable stories about his shower attendance. Brandon Lang (@RealBrandonLang) joins the show to talk football and betting. 

Segment Two (with Martin Rucker) - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Joined right off the hop by Martin Rucker (@RuckerSouthSide) to break down Mizzou football. Gaines is concerned that Josh Heupel is looking for head coaching jobs because he thinks Drew Lock is leaving town. Why does the University of South Alabama hate America? Morning Melee and Fair or Foul get out. Are we eating well right now? Getting customized jerseys can be a tricky thing as a kid. Dick Boushka's number is being worn by Aaron Hines. Greyhound racing is a little weird. Gaines has SLU rumors that he can't say on the air but thinks there will be changes soon. No one ever needs the Matt Lauer button. Geraldo threw himself off a cliff yesterday and Chris thinks the whole conversation is depressing. Rex Tillerson is getting forced out but nobody cares. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We kick off the final segment by getting into some soft rock emo music from the early 2000s and Jeff has really terrible taste in music. Chris once threw a party promising the lead singer of The Ataris would show up and he couldn't deliver. Gaines really wants to know who his friend had in the car that was super whiny and probably one of Jeff's favorites. Chris got to hang out with Skrillex when he was doing screamo. Gaines has no recollection of his first CD but it may be Nellyville. Chris says his was Dookie. The Columbia House CD club was a big deal. The Rick Ankiel game was a major part of childhood for Gaines and Jeff. Trump didn't really do anything in St. Charles yesterday. Gaines doesn't know the train dance. The club business is a crazy business but Jeff got to enjoy some bottle service and a room at the Four Seasons in the meantime. The places to party in the St. Louis area tend to shift around. Riding a mechanical bull is pretty hard. Gaines doesn't like syrup. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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