Saint Louis Live! 11/28/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

Jeff kicks off the Wake Up Hour by questioning whether Giancarlo Stanton news is actually local news or not. The Blues had a little bit of a different look at practice yesterday and it might be a welcome respite from how things have been over the last few weeks. A large part of the Wake Up Hour focuses on Alex Ovechkin's creation of "PutinTeam," and a conversation about how that's likely to be perceived in both the US and abroad. A major Russian player is in St. Louis and it could be a major story. Are we allowed to be excited about the new Royal Wedding? Probably.

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

El Monstero is coming in to record We Are Live! today and it's going to be super exciting. The text box is going to be super important today. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the news and the Russian stuff. Hey, Travis is here! We're being unnecessarily observational of Travis's clothes and wristband today. Chris really wants the hot stove to warm up. The longer the Stanton thing drags out, the weirder it starts to feel. Chris would be happier if Eric Hosmer liked fat chicks. Matheny appears to be the guy but not everyone is thrilled about it. Chris hates Joe Crede. Alex Reyes's Instagram clearly shows that he's headed to Florida. Travis is making it clear that he's happy to spend as much of Bill DeWitt's money as possible. All the Japanese guys end up in Seattle. Travis has remedies for ankle swelling. The Grizzlies fired Coach Fizdale and Travis says he's a very nice guy. The reliance on Marc Gasol as your franchise guy may be a little misguided. Jeff doesn't know anything about real sports. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Darlene Green has been told by a judge that she must sign the financing agreement for Scottrade Center. Travis is waiting for technology to catch up to grow out his hair. Is Fear The Walking Dead a prequel? Nobody knows. Jeff watched Get Out yesterday with the Wikipedia page open and Chris is happy he picked up on the foreshadowing. Jeff doesn't have the strength to walk away from Allison Williams. The Gotham Awards were last night and awards season is officially underway. There's a really exciting conversation about loaf pans. People with kids don't get to see movies anymore. Rotten Tomatoes is a front for the super apologetic left. Jeff was a huge lame Star Wars nerd. Lady Bird is about a white girl in high school. Did we need more of that? Chris always loved The Lord of the Rings. Travis thinks Clay Travis is a hypocrite and he's right. Chris is back at Rotten Tomatoes and has some thoughts on Movie Turkeys. Chris was incapable of pronouncing the word "Armageddon." Cheers still holds up.

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Jeff Jones

Travis is already convinced that it's an A+ Tuesday. There may not be a black Elf on the Shelf. Grammy nominations are out and Chris is not a fan of Despacito. Travis thinks Josh Groban is a good one. How do we feel about the neighbor getting the lawn together at 7 on a Tuesday? Travis is regretting chicken being burnt. Travis isn't OK with the text line being used for birthday greetings. Angela Lansbury, it turns out, is still alive. Travis and Jeff were really sure Wilford Brimley died and he did not. Chris's brother is coming in town this weekend and wants to know where to watch the Rams game. We aren't very good at the Dead Or Alive game. The Title IX investigation at SLU is continuing to drag on without an end in sight. Can you say "break a leg" to Pascal before a Blues game? Travis doesn't know who the best team in the NFC is and is afraid it may be the Rams. Jeff was a kept man. It's a deep, dark hole to go down, but Travis wants to try it out. Fair or Foul ends the show as always. 

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