Saint Louis Live! 11/22/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones, Matt Whitener

The Blues won 8-3 last night and they're really quite good. Tarasenko had a Gordie Howe hat trick and Jeff was surprised at how many people knew what that was. Hockey Bob calls in and has some thoughts on, well, hockey. Jeff talks a lot about Thanksgiving food, making Thanksgiving pizza, and the struggle of having a bunch of unnecessary food in your refrigerator. Matt is in for the last segment to talk about salary cap management and the absurdity of the Blues being able to pull off the Schenn/Lehtera trade. Gaines makes a very brief cameo and he's not done with his fame yet.

Segment One (with Dr. Ed) - Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Matt Whitener, Jeff Jones

Is today a Friday? What's Friday? Jeff tries to cheer up Travis with talk of Tarasenko but he's not having it and we jump right in to MPJ talk. Matt thinks that Michael Porter Jr. may be in the Trent Green zone. Michael Porter is definitely not playing any more college basketball ever again. Jontay Porter is Luigi. Maybe Jontay will transfer to SLU. None of us learned how to be hackers and it sucks. Travis wants them to delete student loan debt. Travis doesn't know how to say "Banksy." Who would be the best possible GPS voice? Dr. Ed from Hillside Animal Hospital comes in for his weekly visit. 

Segment Two - Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Matt Whitener, Jeff Jones

Jeff busts out the Thanksgiving pizza and everyone is shocked that it's actually good. Matt wants to know if there's weed on it, Gaines says it's a bite of Thanksgiving, and Travis says it's going to attract the ladies. Jeff is a bad camera man. LaVar and the President of the United States are going to town and it might be the fun stuff. LaVar totally crushed Chris Cuomo. Gaines says the ZO2 is the shoe of the resistance. Matt has a fun new segment called White vs. Black Thanksgiving. We get really deep into the conversation, and A-Train calls in to go hard in the paint for baked mac and cheese. The Black/White Thanksgiving discussion dominates the hour and truly bring us all closer together.

Segment Three (with Benjamin Hochman) - Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Matt Whitener, Jeff Jones

Joined right off the bat by Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to discuss the unfortunate situation at Mizzou and the fortunate situation on Clark Street. Russell Simmons apparently gets to hang on to Def Comedy Jam for now, but that can't be sustainable. There are more and more accusations and it's possible that the only good thing that can come from them is that Lena Dunham might have to go away. Missouri is having a little bit of a moment in liberal politics. Travis insists on playing Name That Movie so he can listen to the open. Is there a limit on the number of bleeps you can play on the air? Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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