Saint Louis Live! 11/20/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues had a big win in Vancouver on Saturday night and even a bad trip looks like it's going to contain a couple of wins. Improvement on the second line looks more and more necessary, so finding the cap space is a challenge. Jon Morosi says the Cardinals have made an official offer for Giancarlo Stanton, and there's a question about what that means. A long dialogue ensues about the Cardinals' lack of having moved out quality major league talent. Jeff thinks it's cheating for grocery stores to sell pies clearly meant for one person. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Happy Monday! Travis steals all of his winter wear from the Metrolink. Gaines reiterates that hockey doesn't start until January and is confused by Brayden Schenn. Everyone is sick, or mostly just Jeff. Travis says he wears a "scub cap." Mizzou is going bowling thanks to their lovely schedule which involves everyone's coach getting fired. Jeff polls the room on pie season. Gaines doesn't like going to other people's Thanksgiving celebrations. Barry Odom gets a bonus for making a bowl game and Gaines thinks it's a scam and he's not wrong. Chris thinks it's A Lock that the QB is gone and Travis doesn't know how he Drew that up. Does Lock compare to AJ McCarron? Blaine Gabbert may or may not have a good football name. Travis explains classic literature and knows about Of Mice and Men. The TV cart at Travis's high school was chained to the closet. Travis is making everyone watch black films in exchange for the books. Travis is not reading any book that has a movie about it. Too Short is in town this weekend and there's bottle service involved. Travis offers tips for hitting up the after spot. Travis says the Stanton trade offer is breaking news and it may not be, but we break it down anyway. The Cardinals rotation for next year is more in flux than we're acknowledging. Chris says he gives up unless they acquire Stanton and Chris Archer. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, MIchael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines's news update had some amusing Jeff Fisher news that may or may not be real. Just ask Lavar. Travis claims he's never heard of apple butter and no one believes him. Kris Jenner was getting after it early and Robert Kardashian may not get enough credit. Black people live in rural areas in the south. Are buffets for poor people? Actual breaking news: Trevor Trout is going to USC. Is ham a top three breakfast meat? Jeff likes crab meat for breakfast and everyone thinks he's dumb. Why aren't there any black celebrity chefs? Travis lets everyone know that Jews are basically black and that chitterlings are an important part of black Thanksgiving. A chicken gizzard is not a thing that hangs from the neck, but instead a part of the gastric lining. The Giants have a deal on the table for Stanton and Gordon and it doesn't look very appealing. It's Trump/Lavar time! Big Baller Insider Michael Gaines has important information for us. Covering Trump looks different from every other President, but that may be because he's a very different President. 

Segment Three (with Terry Yake) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis sings the Half Baked song and it gets away from him a little bit. Back into more Stanton talk, as Craig Mish is reporting that the Cardinals are offering Sandy Alcantara. Jeff doesn't believe in Tommy John surgery according to Travis. LaVar is going to be on CNN tonight. Shannon Sharpe got to meet Nicole Murphy this weekend. Travis says he's the same as Shannon Sharpe.  Chris is excited about Brayden Schenn and Jeff has boring hockey stuff to say, but Mike Lee doesn't care. Jeff has a question about Travis's long johns and Travis isn't having it. Charles Manson died and the headlines are weird. Terry Yake (@tyake27) joins the show to talk the start for the Blues. Terry Glenn has sadly passed away in a car accident. Baker Mayfield dunked on Kansas and they probably deserved it. Fair or Foul closes the show as always.