Saint Louis Live! 11/1/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Dodgers forced a game seven in the World Series and a truly epic Series drags on. Games 7 in the World Series are not that common. Star Wars is great and Disney is guaranteed to make a giant pile of money. Hockey Bob calls in to talk Star Wars and Blues. Jori Lehtera is coming home and everyone is super excited about it. Jeff is breaking down the Golden Knights goalies when Travis shows up to wrap up the show. 

Segment One (with Dr. Ed of Hillside Animal Hospital) - Travis Terrell, MIchael Gaines, Matt Whitener, Jeff Jones

Travis, Gaines, and Matt Whitener are in today and kick the show off discussing the World Series. A breakdown of last night's game, and preview of Game 7. Some MVP predictions. Dr. Ed graces us with his presence and continues the baseball talk. He also answers all of our dumb animal questions. Some Halloween talk with Dr. Ed, he kills it as always.

Segment Two - Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Matt Whitener, Jeff Jones

The Browns browned yesterday in trying to acquire AJ McCarron. Some concessions discussion because you know we love food. The concessions talk leads to a 20 minute conversation of food as children. Matt has some weird food desires. The Fair or Foul and morning melee are released. Florida officials are asking for money back from McElwain. Some Jon Gruden talk, and then some Mizzou hiring talk to close out the hour.

Segment Three - Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Matt Whitener, Jeff Jones

Update on the terrorist attacks from yesterday to kick off the 9 am hour. A bettor has won 14 million so far on this World Series. Some Chris Tucker discussion. A man has eaten an 18 yr old candy last night. Marcus Hennessy was killing it this morning on the text box. African American women hit on Jeff Jones more than Travis Terrell. Fair or Foul closes out the show as it does every day.

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