It's time for Gennady Golovkin to fight Canelo Alvarez

By Dan Buffa, Special to We Are Live

Gennady Golovkin needs to fight Canelo Alvarez in early 2017. Allow me to explain why.

Back in the days of old school boxing, two fighters didn't need outside help to meet in the ring. They sought each other out, made arrangements, met in a ring, and beat the shit out of each other for 15 rounds. That was the way it used to be done.

Now, since boxing has become a business that sucks every ounce of integrity from their fans and expects them to buy less than stellar fights for $50 to $75 dollars, the politics of the sport has interrupted the quality of the fights being produced. It takes years and sometimes, a decade, for two fighters to meet in the ring. With Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the clash took place 6 years too late. The expiration date on the electricity of the matchup fizzled and fans received a half-ass version. 

Let's not make that mistake with the next fight of the century between Golovkin and Alvarez. Here are two guys with sledge hammers for fists and brains behind the movements. Golovkin broke Kell Brook's orbital bone during their fight Saturday in London, and the fight was stopped by Brook's trainers before the halfway mark. Brook was undefeated in 35 fights. Golovkin has knocked out 23 straight opponents. 

The Russian doesn't believe in judges deciding fights. His fists are the judge, jury, and executioner. He has fought 36 times and won 36 times by knockout. GGG, as he is called, doesn't waste time. Round one begins and he stalks his opponent like a lion in the fields of South Africa tracks his dinner. He locates, walks the man down, and destroys them. No questions. No decisions, split or otherwise. He may smile like a sweet magazine model out of the ring, but he's a terminator inside of it. If Ivan Drago existed in real life and could smile, his name would be Gennady Golovkin.

He's the unstoppable force. Canelo is the immovable object. 

The Mexican with the flashy red hair and flamboyant exterior doesn't need any introductions. He's stepped in a ring 48 times and emerged victorious in all but two of them. A draw in his fifth fight against Jorge Juarez and a loss to the pound for pound greatest boxer of our era, Mayweather Jr. After a career built by quality yet untested destruction, Alvarez has went up against the bricks in the past five years. 

He outboxed Austin Trout and Shane Mosley. After the frustrating decision loss to Floyd, Canelo destroyed Alfredo Angulo and James Kirkland. It was Alvarez's methodical win over tough and respect tactician Miguel Cotto that convinced me of the young man's transformation from puncher into boxer. He took a streaking Cotto apart over 12 rounds and followed that up by knocking Amir Khan out cold earlier this summer. He's legit. 

Alvarez can look at the Golovkin-Brook fight and see that GGG can be struck often and hard. He can also notice that the man can take a punch and keep on coming and if you aren't fast enough, your face will eat a dozen power punches and bones will break. 

Everything put in Golovkin's place has been destroyed. Alvarez has turned a corner in his career and outboxed quality opponents and knocked out the others. It's time for these two power specialists to meet and see who can stay on their feet. 

A few things have to happen. 

Weight. Golovkin can't be stubborn with the weight and neither can Canelo. Both carry belts here. Come in at an agreement around 158-160. They can fight heavy and still perform well. Concessions must be made by each side. 

Timing. Give Canelo his beloved date on Cinco De Mayo and put the fight then. Place it in Las Vegas, the Mecca of boxing. Since Canelo is the more seasoned fighter and carries a belt Gennady wants, he gets his date. 

Money. This may be easy or be the hardest part. For one fight, you'd think the two alphas could put aside their egos and let this big event fill their pockets deep. While the king of green is is Floyd all time, Canelo is bringing in good dollars and GGG's camp is growing. 

Everybody loves a good action flick. A powerful action fight is even better. 

All this is contingent on Liam Smith not shocking the world Saturday night. If Canelo gets past Smith, the next fight should be with Golovkin. 

Father time is a factor for Golovkin, who is 34. Alvarez just turned 26 and has time on his side. What he needs is supremacy and in order to get that, Golovkin stands in the way. 

Boxing isn't exactly winning these days in his matchup with MMA for contact sports fans. One sports produces upsets and thrilling fights because they believe in the "you never know" of hand to hand combat. The idea that two men can step into a ring and the unthinkable could occur. In order to win back fans, boxing has to take chances and also produce signature events.

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez fighting each other is a signature event and probable fight of the year. 

Let's kick it old school, boxing promoters, and make this matchup happen.