8/8/16 Express Dose: 'Stranger Things' is the real deal

By DAN BUFFA, We Are Live Columnist 

Welcome to the Express Dose of Buffa. Before the week can officially kick off and register, I unleash quick hot takes from the South City corner of cyber space. You can read this in between exiting work and taking that first sip of your preferred evening beverage. Follow me to the unfiltered hills. 

STRANGER THINGS is the real deal. The Netflix series is the latest mind blowing experience on your TV's and smart phones. If you bump into somebody on the street because they weren't looking, take it easy. If you see someone watching something on their phones in between sets at the gym, give them a break. They are watching this science fiction sonic blast of our childhoods that won't soon leave the mind. Remember the Duffer Brothers. They created this gem. Celebrate hard working actor and recent We Are Live Radio guest David Harbour's breakthrough(at the age of 42) performance as Jim Hopper. Appreciate the slow boil story, the eye boner cinematography and also the redemption of WInona "I used to shoplift" Ryder. So good. 99 times out of 100, the hype lies. Welcome to the other time. 



ICHIRO and 3,000. Hat tip to the Japanese hitting sensation. At the ripe old age of 42, Ichiro Suzuki tripled off the wall Sunday afternoon for his 3,000th hit. Back in April of 2001, Ichiro made his debut against Oakland and collected two hits at the age of 27. Fast forward 15 years and he has put together a legendary career. A pure hit machine, Ichiro accumulated 10 consecutive seasons of 200 hits to start his MLB career and a lifetime average of .314. While he hasn't had over 150 hits in a season since 2012, the man can still play. In a part time role for Miami this year, Ichiro is hitting .319 with a .390 on base percentage. The man is the epitome of age merely existing as a state of mind. 

THAXTON SPOKE EASY TO ME. On Friday night in downtown St. Louis, a group of trusted cool peeps assembled in the historic Thaxton Speakeasy. It may not look like much on the outside, but when you step into the door, it transports you back to the 1930's. They could film a scene from HBO's Boardwalk Empire in this room and not lose an ounce of authenticity. There were special cocktails made. Free whiskey and brisket(my pants just came off). Lovely ladies in beautiful dresses. Men dressed in suits. Smiles. Laughs. Easy fun. All set up by We Are Live Radio's Chris Denman and Travis Terrell. Feel free to give them an ass grab this week for their hard work. They are changing STL radio one day at a time.

NFL SABOTAGES PACE SPEECH. Every day that goes by, I hate the NFL more and want to lease less time of my life in their business. They can't spell integrity. When they uploaded Orlando Pace's Hall of Fame speech, where he thanked St. Louis several times, they cut out the St. Louis part and later said it was a technical error. I call utter bullshit. They left it out on purpose. I'm not sure why St. Louis a target these days. The Rams were taken out of our city after a decade of miserable play on the field and it's okay to take shots at us. I hope Roger Goodell gets a bad rash in an uncomfortable area on his body because that is what this league is starting to resemble to me. I'd pay to see Roger try to literally block Pace from doing something. Talk about pure comedy. An infection that won't stop taking swings at a healing city. 

WINTER CLASSIC DETAILS. Tuesday at Busch Stadium, NHL Commish/Dick Gary Bettman, Cards President Bill DeWitt III, Blues rep Colton Parayko along with other members of the committees putting this event together will have a live press conference discuss details of the event that is scheduled to take place on January 2nd, 2017. I'll be in attendance. Asking questions, snapping pics, and tweeting out of the St. Louis Game Time account. It should be a lot of fun. This event is a huge highlight of the 2017 calendar for St. Louis and should be an historic event. It's also less than five months away. 

What else? Paul McCartney is playing Busch Stadium soon. I'm not a huge fan, but it sounds like a big deal. Roadies on Showtime is having a quietly very good season. Ray Donovan is spinning its wheels a bit. The Rock's Ballers is an easy going treat and Andy Garcia doesn't hurt. Gleason, the story of Saints football player and ALS victim Steve Gleason, opens Friday at the Tivoli and should be great. Check it out. 

Keep tabs on me over on Twitter @buffa82 as well as my work at KSDK and St. Louis Game Time. Matt Whitener and I will be hitting it hard every morning on CBS Sports Radio 920 AM from 5-7 AM this week. Listen in or find Dose of Buffa on Itunes. 

Thanks for reading and goodbye for just a little while.