Hollywood, stop the reboots and remakes!

By Dan Buffa, Special for WAL

Attention Hollywood: Let's put an end to the bad idea train of thought. It shouldn't be in the best interests of the make believe land to resort to the recycling bin to create a piece of entertainment that they expect the cinema addicts to dish ten bucks for. This is becoming a real problem. 

Who am I to complain without citing evidence or providing examples? I may not be a lawyer but I can probably play one for a 10-15 minutes here. I OBJECT! You see, I got the hang of it real quick. 

Exhibit A: Point Break

No one and I mean no one screamed for a Point Break remake but Hollywood said why not and made a trashy hollow piece of garbage and just for kicks, they released it on Christmas last year. They couldn't even show self-respect and cast the lesser Hemsworth brother, Liam, and instead put a guy in there for Keanu Reeves' part that should be selling me board shorts in Santa Monica instead of acting. Edgar Rameriz isn't a bad actor(and plays Roberto Duran this weekend), but he didn't do Bodhi any better than the late Patrick Swayze. The man was rolling in his grave thinking of a remake. 

Why mess with Oscar nominated director Kathryn Bigelow's pulpy action flick that was so good that Gary Busey still gets work based off his wild FBI agent? No need. Stop it. 

Exhibit B: Ghostbusters

First of all, Melissa McCarthy isn't that funny. She's built a career off fat jokes, and let me tell you Chris Farley did this gimmick way better. The rest of the cast is a big old batch of "meh" and the studio lost so much money after its release that a sequel was cancelled. Good or bad flick, move on. Stop remaking or rebooting. Get creative.

Exhibit C: Ben-Hur

The film crashed immediately after takeoff this past weekend. It cost over 100 million to make and grossed just 11 million domestically. You don't release summer films with Jack Huston(Boardwalk Empire) as the lead and you don't remake films that won Best Picture! It was a bad idea from the start. Stop it. Imagine if this money was put to better use than remaking or rebooting good to great films. 

There's more. Lethal Weapon is getting rebooted for a TV show. Sickening. War Games is getting remade. The Arnold Schwarzenegger cheeseburger Commando is getting a remake. Jumanji. Who will tell these people these are bad ideas? 

Why not make small films with big hearts like Hunt for the WIlderpeople. Captain Fantastic, and Midnight Special? Real, fresh, and original pleasures. Well, a need to remake a good film made that way 20 years ago is why folks. It's troubling and a sign of why film is overall taking a hit. 

Sequels may not be a good idea for some franchises, but at least they are continuations of a story line and not recycled clumsy money making pretenders. 

Ben-Hur will be an abomination at the box office and even worse, it's just a bad movie. 

Where is the white towel, Hollywood? Please throw it into the ring right now.