8/15/16 Express Dose: Tyron Woodley stands tall for Ferguson and MU

By DAN BUFFA, Columnist  

Let's not waste any time this afternoon with this latest Express Dose. 

~All hail Tyron Woodley, the University of Missouri, Columbia fighter who just flipped the UFC on its head with a surprising victory over Robbie Lawler. Woodley didn't just beat Lawler, who is known for having a chin partially made of concrete. He knocked him out in the first round, kicking off another round of uncertain future fights for Dana White to deal with. How about this 34 year old kid from Ferguson, Missouri?

He doesn't just win but he wins big and shines a fine light on MU as well as his violence torn hometown. Woodley is the third MU wrestler to win a world title. Michael Chandler, a native of High Ridge, won a title for Bellator MMA earlier this summer. Former Bellator title holder and current ONE championship welterweight champion Ben Askren, a 32 year old MU grad, is 15-0 and thriving. Great MU fighters winning world titles on a global scale is the proper way to salute the school where it all started. 

~Cancer sucks. Truly. Yesterday, my dear friend and trusted rebel Troy Siade would have been 51 years old if Non Hodgkin Lymphoma didn't take him over 10 years ago. Siade loved the Cardinals and more importantly, loved watching Jim Edmonds play center field. The two of us ruled over the old Busch Stadium from the Manual Scoreboard up top the terrace level. We saw it all and had the best of times. In his regular job, Troy was one of the best lawyers in St. Louis.

After the 2003 season ended, Troy started to feel very sick. By April of 2004, he was gone. That's how quick cancer can become a real asshole and create all kinds of pain. Wherever and whenever you can donate to fight it, do it. Whether it's buying a shirt, wrist band, or participating in a run, don't hesitate. Young kids dying from cancer is the worst. Losing trusted friends in the their 30's is just as bad. I wish Troy was around to see these Birds win two World Series championships. 

~Ron White makes Showtime's Roadies great whenever he is on screen. The comedy legend plays a veteran know it all story filled stage hand who spins tales about old rock n' roll bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd. During Sunday night's episode, White's Phil told the young crew about his friendship with Ronnie Van Zandt, the lead singer who died in that 1977 plane crash that claimed three members of the original band. It was a highlight of the season and another reason why Cameron Crowe's ode to the hard workers on the road works so well. It's a sleeper hit because no one's life is in jeopardy and there are no swords and high drama. It's a simple pleasure show about life on the road and the immortal love people have for music, whether it be a new band or an old departed group of musicians. Crowe may or may not get a second season, but Roadies is a true pleasure and White is one of the big reasons why. 



~Joe Maddon isn't an asshole, folks. He's simply playing a heel to the end of the road and back. As the captain of a young rebellious Cubs team, Maddon has left his old warm and fuzzy grandpa Tampa Bay routine in the shed and pulled out this pop culture activated skit that plays so well in the Midwest. He enrages Cards fans with his comments and fires up Cubs fans. The National Media loves him so much they would gift wrap a World Series to the Cubs just so they could start production on the Netflix original film about his 20 year coaching career. I don't hate the Cubs, but Maddon appropriately pisses me off. He's playing a role and playing it well. 

~Who gets the bottom of my boot this week? Drivers who slow way down before they change lanes or make a turn. Please, for the love of The Nutcracker's scotch bar, make the move. I am not a road warrior. I don't drive 20 over the speed limit. I mostly obey the rules. No one completely follows suit out there but I try to every day. These asshats try to slow it all down while they depart the road into the nearby parking lot and guess what? Most of the time, they slow down on purpose just to make the person in route behind them mad. It's true. It shouldn't take an act of Congress to make you change lanes. Be better tomorrow. 

That's it. Five quick express doses. Boom! A final word of advice for my We Are Live Radio Live Blog reading homies: Don't let uncertainty drown your ambitions. If we were all unafraid of uncertain futures, nothing would get done. Dreams would be complete fairy tales. Keep pushing, lady and gent friends. Nothing is handed to you in this life or guaranteed. You have to go out and get it. You have to work hard and bust your ass in the pursuit of something others will you is unattainable. Forget tomorrow. Win today. 

As the great Henry Rollins said, "There's no such thing as down time. There's only life time."

Thanks for reading and do me a favor. Go kick Monday's ass. Tuesday may just blink.