8/1/16 Express Dose of Buffa: More Bourne please

By Dan Buffa, Special Contributor

Greetings fellow St. Louis Sahara dwellers and USA visiting daisies. As the Central West End visits pile up and the temperature rises into the most awful month of the year, allow me to cool you off with some sophisticated quick takes on popular topics. Feel free to take your clothes off first. I'm cool. 

BOURNE Is back and for good reason

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Matt Damon's forgetful mad as hell whoop ass dispensing rogue agent is back in theaters and garnered 61 million at the box office. Why is he back? Does it matter? He remembers everything and he's mad about remembering. Boom, cue the car chase. The 45 year old versatile thespian made the film work and provided another thrilling adventure for movie fans. Worthy sequel isn't a phrase you can see easily these days but Jason Bourne was worth the 120 million budget. Go see it. 

CARDS acquire a Duke


Zach Duke won't make fantasy baseball team owners swoon, but the smart baseball fans will appreciate John Mozeliak going out and getting a left-handed specialist who can also make right-handed hitters miss. Duke is what the leaking Cards bullpen needed, and only costed the team Memphis outfielder Charlie Tilson. The kid had speed to burn, but the Cards don't swipe bags and Tilson was passed up for Hazelbaker 2.0 in late July. Duke will help. He can't play CF, but I'll take it.

RAMS on Hard Knocks: First Rate Drama

I'll be watching. Think of the 2016 edition of HBO's Hard Knocks as a movie. A Christmas family reunion type clash of misery, ineptitude, and shame. I can't wait for the spotlight on their new quarterback, Jared Goff. Puff! I can't wait for the Jeff Fisher hot takes about building players of true character. Smoke! The Rams don't belong to St. Louis anymore and that makes them an expendable yet entertaining asset. I also watch for the riveting narration from the multi-faceted Liev Schreiber. 

Liev: The Engine behind Ray Donovan

Showtime Entertainment

Showtime Entertainment

Speaking of the afflicting actor, I can't get enough of the guy and how talented he is. Do you like hockey films? Schreiber plays the enforcer Ross Rhea and practically owns the film. There's a sequel arriving this year. How about Showtime's Ray Donovan? Schreiber owns the drama series playing an LA fixer with a car trunk full of secrets and demons. Without him, the show goes nowhere near four seasons. How about narration? Liev handles all the HBO Sports and assorted documentaries. How about the Oscar winning film, Spotlight? He brought renegade editor Marty Baron to vivid life and was one of the best parts of the film. You ask me and we have enough cowbell. We still need more Liev. 

Attention Musicians: Keep the politics off the stage

There's nothing worse than a musician unleashing his 10-15 minute tirade in between songs about politics at a live show. People in the audience didn't come for a convention. They didn't come to be preached to be by a guy who checked into a hotel under an alias, downed a wheat grass shake, and sings about the good old days. Bruce Springsteen does it all the time. He stands up there in his tight leather pants and tries to get sensual with his audience. Just sing the damn song, Bruce. Save the politics for your web page or the next Chevy commercial. Don't bore an audience who paid way too much money to see you play music. 

What else? Parting shots? 

Tomorrow morning, I start the brand new radio show, Dose of Buffa. Every Tuesday through Friday I'll dish hot takes from 5-7 a.m. and two days a week, trusted sports and entertainment mind Matt Whitener, will join me from the Cheap Seats. It's been a dream of mine to get on the radio and We Are Live stallion Chris Denman pushed me in the right direction. It may go a month or it may go longer. We shall see. All I know is August mornings belong to me on CBS Sports Radio 920 AM/Inside STL. Get your morning dose before the bell rings for adulting. 

Come back Friday for my rare dip into political waters. Until then, thanks for stopping by. Stay loose. 


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