7/25/16 Express Dose of Buffa

Good afternoon! As the coffee drips and the attitude balls into a tight fist, let me fire away at the few things rolling through my head as July 25th uncoils. 

Fun in Baseball

Is this still okay? When Matt Adams cranked a majestic no doubt walk off home run Saturday morning, there were a few fans who thought it was too much or over the top. Excuse me! The last time I checked, baseball was a fun game. America's cool past time. A place to bring the kids, cheer on your team, and raise a fist. Adams didn't smash a fourth inning solo shot and go berserk. He cranked a game winning homer against a wildcard contender at 12:25 in the morning. If I hit a winner in the 16th inning, I'll flip my damn bat into the loge reserve. Lighten up people. It's a fun game. Don't let the sad worthless folks break your arousal. 

Comic Con, The Justice League, sense of humor, and Aquaman

In San Diego every July, Comic Con blasts out the latest fleet of upcoming movie trailers. This is big deal territory and high ball craziness. We aren't talking about an indie drama with a sad face. It's comic book adaptations, large scale action, and nutty nerd rage. Guy Ritchie's King Arthur was cool and Wonder Woman looks desirable(if Gal Gadot doesn't make you chisel on a wall, what will?), but Zach Snyder's Justice League was the cosmic slice of tease. Why? It had a sense of humor.

The November 2017 film wasn't depressing like March's Batman Vs Superman: A Dawn of Man Tears. This one had a bearded Affleck, a nerdy cool Flash, and Jason Momoa's Aquaman. You can't go wrong with The White Stripes Icky Thump either. Snyder can't be trusted to make a masterpiece, but JL looks a lot better than BVS. 

Netflix Price Raise Shouldn't Deter You From Its Service

People, it's ten dollars. Relax. Take a breath. You spend that on two drinks at Starbucks. When the streaming service raised its monthly charge, a lot of subscribers bolted. Why? You'll spend 10 dollars at the movie theater on stale popcorn and syrupy Coke. It's not just old movies and a few new flicks anymore. Netflix has raised the bar for what your weekend should contain. Marvel unveiled multiple new series previews this weekend at Comic Con. Luke Cage, The Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Look at Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

How about the original films like Paul Rudd's quiet charmer The Fundamentals of Caring and the upcoming Jeremy Rush-Joe Carnahan-Frank Grillo steak and potatoes thunder bolt, Wheelman. This weekend, my family and I watched Batteries Not Included, Harry and the Hendersons and the Rudd flick. All at home. Don't run away from Netflix. It's blowing up.

Give me Winter over Summer

Screw summer. These 100 degree temperature days are ridiculous. You take a shower, walk outside, and start melting from the climate otherwise known as the Sahara of the Midwest. Give me a break. A few breaks. You can't go to work naked or go pick up coffee in your underwear. You need to carry a towel to a party and be that guy. In case you don't know me, I sweat like a smashed water pipe in an old apartment building. It's bad. I can't handle this shit. Give me winter. You put on an extra layer, moisturize the skin, and cuddle up extra close. No constant sweating or smell. Just chilly nights and beautiful skylines. It's a lot better than this sauna. Have fun outside this week trying not to suffocate. 

Politics and Religion bring out the worst in people

Nothing stirs a pot faster than politics and religion. People fighting over right and left wings, and the God worshipers telling you which fake powerful being is the coolest. Pass. Facebook is nauseating when people overly praise the lord and scream at you for saying something remotely political. You ever wonder why this country can't be fixed. We can't be civil with each other when discussing it. You can't find answers when you belittle someone for not agreeing with you. Stop it. Be better.

If you can't present a credible argument without slamming someone, stuff yourself away somewhere far far away. The world doesn't need people to cram shit down people's throats. There's only one Rush Limbaugh and that's enough. 

The end. Curtain is dropping. Before I leave, remember this. Pokemon sucks. See you Friday.