Attack on Leslie Jones: Some People Don't Deserve Twitter

By Dan Buffa, Special Contributor

I don't know Leslie Jones. I haven't seen her new film, Ghostbusters. Somehow, I feel like I know her through an experience. An experience many call "The Twitter Sessions". It's not an acoustic record, folks. It's a troubling playground for so many teens and adults that try to connect with other distant souls via social networking.

Work, play, or a little bit of both. Jones was a victim of hatred this past week from the likes of Milo Yiannopoulous, a Greek-British journalist, entrepreneur, and technological editor for the website, It's a conservative and opinion based website, but if you saw what Milo(a weak ass name for a boy for the record) said about Jones, you wouldn't call it conservative one bit. 

Yiannopoulous led a parade of Twitter trolls this past week on a tirade against Jones and the new movie, a remake of a classic. Twitter trolls are like assholes. They pop up on a daily basis and don't have a face or name. They followed Milo in his attempt to belittle the star. The comments were racist and horribly mean spirited and vile. This wasn't criticism. It was an attack. Something many on Twitter know all too well. An attack that got little Milo kicked off Twitter for life. 

Earlier this week, Jones tweeted out before leaving the platform. "I leave twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. All this cause I did a movie." 

Leslie Jones, SNL Player, Writer, Stand Up comedian and newest Ghostbuster.

Leslie Jones, SNL Player, Writer, Stand Up comedian and newest Ghostbuster.

A DAMN MOVIE! That is what this world is coming to. Ripping someone's work is fine. Completely fine. Firing racist and sexist comments at a woman for a make believe piece of work is uncalled for, terribly misplaced, and so wrong. Some people just need a real life or a boot to their asses.

After getting kicked out of the Twitter cafeteria, Yionnopoulous called it "the end of Twitter" and said free speech was being attacked. That's not accurate dude. Free speech from moronic voices is being detached. Twitter's statement after the action went like this, "This type of abusive behavior is not permitted on Twitter, and we've taken action against many of the accounts reported by Leslie and others." It should have read like this...

"This type of idiotic hateful behavior is for men without testicles and brains. It won't be tolerated on any platform not named MySpace or Tumblr. Please redirect your hate back at your mother for bringing you onto this Earth and giving you the illusion that free speech has any damn thing to do with pure hate. Trolls aren't wanted here."

Milo and his band of haters now have an empty parking lot to spit their venom. They no longer have Twitter and it's a good thing. 

I've experienced this hatred myself. I'm a sports writer and entertainment columnist for a few websites and write opinionated takes on a daily basis. That's too much for some to handle. Twitter has an ugly side and I know it well. A conversation about a baseball player can dissolve into an attack on my personal life and family. My wife and kid have been called names by strangers with an egg as their profile picture and a bio that reads "Dan Buffa should die."

Leslie Jones is a star on the rise, so naturally trolls had to take her shine.

Leslie Jones is a star on the rise, so naturally trolls had to take her shine.

Peachy words from a spineless coward. There have been over 20 parody accounts made by trolls on Twitter that have attacked me over the past 12 months. I'm still here. Score that 20 for me and zero for the pizza roll monster energy drink slurping and chomping loser in his aunt's basement who doesn't have a good internet connection.

If you think people can't get nasty, join Twitter and check it out. Milo and his band of misfit asshats are gone, but the hate is spewed 24/7 by a number of people. It's vocal terrorism. People with no mission in life or goal. All they want to do is tear down others and for what? What happened with Jones is the latest public display of a disease that the San Francisco based company is trying to rid itself of. Good luck.

You know where it all comes from? All this hate. It's pure jealousy. A rage inside some pitiful needy souls that their life isn't as good as the subjects they attack. Leslie Jones is the star of one of the biggest movies of the summer and a very proud and funny woman. She is also a proud black woman and for some people, that is too much to handle for some in 2016 and they must say terrible things. I didn't see Jones' co-stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, or Kate McKinnon take any serious abuse. It was all directed at Jones. It had nothing to do with the damn movie and everything to do with people's insecurities. Welcome to our world. 

The end result of endless racist and bigoted trolling.

The end result of endless racist and bigoted trolling.

I may see Jones' film and think it is terrible. I may say she was bad in it and should re-consider her future acting choices. Or I may see it and think it's hilarious. Those are opinions on a movie. What I won't do is attack the color of her skin or her gender. I won't do that. I have the power to do that. If I own a computer and have a keyboard under my hands, I can say whatever I want. That's the ungrateful power many take advantage of. Jones wasn't the victim of criticism or the fine use of free speech. She was the victim of a senseless attack from a coward called Milo, a name that only suits a dog or cat. Be better on Facebook, Milo. Be, dare I say it, more conservative.

Thankfully, Jones rejoined Twitter yesterday. Once the trash was taken out, the lovely lady returned. Good for her. The social media universe needs righteous and hilarious souls like Jones. Those people shouldn't be ran out of the building for being free and honest. 

"Thanks for all the love and support I received. It made me feel real special."

Boom! Suck it haters. Suck it real hard. The good guys won. The free speech renegades. 

Take this event and learn from it. A troll is reading this right now and wondering if they should stop their bullshit or continue it. They are thinking about their actions. I can only hope this makes a few egg heads change their minds and redirect their energy towards love instead of hate. Say something funny and original instead of attacking. Just do it. 

In other words, let's all be a little better at this thing called life. 

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