7/18/16 Express Dose of Buffa



Welcome to the Express Dose. Every Monday. Five topics. Quick hits. Blunt opinion. Think of it as pouring a little whiskey in your morning coffee. I'm going to be like Tyler Durden in Fight Club. I am going to hit you as hard as I can to get your week started right. You can trust me like you trusted a barefoot John McClane wearing a hair piece in Die Hard to save the day. Let's run with the Buffalo!

Manny Pacquiao is back and boxing needs him

The aging Filipino isn't going to destroy the faces of famous boxers these days(think Oscar De La Hoya) but he can still deliver exciting fights. A champion of eight different weight classes and a guy who never turned down a challenge, Pacquiao will step out of the Senator seat in the Philippines in November and come out of early retirement to throw punches from wild angles again. Since Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez aren't going to fight each other, bring back Pac Man.

David Ortiz deserves your respect

He tested positive in 2003 for a banned substance. What he has done since deserves fans respects. He's one of the best lefthanded sluggers of our generation. As George Carlin would say, stop living in the past. You want numbers?! Lifetime 2400+ hits, 525 home runs, .931 OPS, and World Series glory. At the age of 40, he's getting on base 42 percent of the time and slugging .663 with 57 extra base hits. He made a mistake over 13 years ago, but has put together a great career. Cards fans, remember the 2013 World Series. I do.


Ballers on HBO: Any Given Sunday meets Jerry Maguire 

Mix in some Entourage there as well and you couldn't ask for better Sunday entertainment on HBO. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was born to play Spencer Strasmore, the ex NFL legend turned financial adviser. Johnson has charisma to spare, a presence that doesn't lie, and knows this world well since he nearly made it to the NFL after a thrilling career at the University of Miami. Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg produce this gem and for fans of the game, it's intoxicating. It's also 28 minute long and goes down like a cold Budweiser Select. 

John Turturro: Good in anything

The HBO mini series, The Night Of, comes on before Ballers and is a diabolical cop drama about a murder in New York that broods as much as it compels you to watch. Turturro is a public defender who takes on the accused and right away grabs your attention. Everything the actor is in deserves a look. Yes, even Michael Bay's Transformers films. He's so good at slipping under the skin in good, bad, and troubled men. The Night Of is a good show, but Turturro makes it great. 


Can the Cardinals be healed in 2016?

Do you know a snake charmer? This team can hit and has quality starting pitching but can't finish a game. They have terrible defense and idiotic baserunning. ONE trade won't fix this. Jose Oquendo won't fix this. Mike Matheny's leadership won't fix this. The Cards must get better at the fundamental aspects of the game or 2016 is finished. They can't slug their way out of this hole. 


Final Words of Advice:

*Watch Kingdom on AT&T
*Hate Trump and Clinton all you want. One of them will be President in 2017. Fake pompous hair or shiny fat calves. Choose.
*Listen to a cool little show called We are Live Monday-Friday at 7 p.m. on CBS 920 AM, 105.7 HD 2, or streaming online at www.insidestl.com. 

See you Friday for the one shot dose. Have a beautiful week!