Saint Louis Live! 12/8/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

A 3-0 Blues victory is exactly what the doctor ordered to help get the team off a losing streak. The Blues had to use an emergency backup goalie last night and that's one of the most fun things in sports. Giancarlo Stanton apparently won't go to the Cardinals or Giants. St. Louisians are so critical of themselves all the time that it creates an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy. Hockey Bob calls in to reinforce his belief that Vladimir Sobotka should be a second line center. The Hurricanes got sold yesterday and an NHL team is probably coming to Seattle. 

Segment One (with Martin Rucker) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris thinks Dave Steckel would be a great offensive coordinator. Jeff was doing more hockey journalism yesterday. We're going to need a lot of man to stay warm this morning. Gaines thinks nothing has changed. Jose Fernandez's death is having a lot to do with what the Marlins need back. Tyler Chatwood went to the Cubs and it was kinda smug. Jeff is talking too much about mouth feel. Did Travis fall down a well? Nope. He's here! Anna Nicole's baby is Dani Burkhead. Travis is the Fredo of being the godfather. Giamatti doesn't know the difference between Travis and Whitener. JLaw can get it from Travis. The Book of Travis has music in it. Martin Rucker (@RuckerSouthSide) joins the show and Travis wants to know what that booty do. 

Segment Two (with Tyler Stewart) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We're peacocking around because we beat KMOX to getting a guest this morning. It's important to stretch your budget to pay for proper toilet paper. Gaines just remembered he did a project with Tyler Stewart. Is PJ a real abbreviation for private jet? Gaines's phone is on silent but keeps ringing and it may be haunted. What's on the Saint Louis Live Christmas list? iPhones, cars, billboards, season tickets, and Giamatti wants health care. JBro is willing to travel into the city for a listener lunch. Gaines's water continues to get colder. Travis is welcoming everyone into his world. Consuming adult content back in the day was pretty challenging. Jeff hacked his dial up back in the day. Travis didn't know the Blues had an emergency goalie yesterday. Jeff's a rights holder who goes too soft on the Blues. Travis wants to have a skate-off with Hockey Bob to become Hockey Trav and if he loses he has to be a porter. Hockey Bob calls in to explain that he's bowlegged. Blues' emergency goalie Tyler Stewart (@TStewart_92) calls in to talk about living his dream. Travis thinks this is the best hidden story in sports. It turns out that more of us played hockey than expected. Travis wants to know where all the hockey holes are. Chris Cyr pops in a little early and it's awesome. 

Segment Three (with Chris Cyr and the Denmans) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Joined in studio by comedian Chris Cyr (@cdcyr) for the Chris Cyr Hour. Turn up for Katy Perry, everybody. Gaines is insistent that Katy Perry is not welcome at his wedding. Chris is going to do serious comedy and we're trying to jam some sick beats behind him. Is everyone in on Star Wars? Chris says he's medium big. Chris is with Jeff on the Wikipedia reading of movies. Has Chris ever booted someone from a show? Would Trav? Chris is gonna punt one every show once he's a headliner. Travis is trying to put Chris on Modern Family. Denman has some thoughts on preachers and hucksters. Travis is previewing his Joy FM show. The organ music for Travis was a little more like Dracula. Gaines continues to try to wrap the Chris Cyr hour. Yale Hollander is a prop comic now. It would be really hard to follow Gallagher at an open mic. We spend some time breaking down Gallagher's career trajectory. We have a serious problem with water theft around here. Chris wore all black to a show once and got mistaken for a bouncer of bathroom attendant. House Of Cards is getting recast and Travis wants to adjust some other shows too. Chris has some deep and dark thoughts on malls. Gaines is glad the President is letting him say Christmas again. Gaines is probably going to drink 21 beers tonight. Denman prefers vodka soda to vodka tonic. Why does everyone count their drinks? Travis has concerns about booger sugar. Defensive tackles are the QBs of the defense. Jeff may or may not have been an accidental undercover cop. TSA gets very grabby sometimes. Gaines got cleared by a dog once. How do we figure out what counts as a Tyler Perry movie? "Oscar bait" sounds like a thing the Weinsteins might do. The Denmans make a special guest appearance! Travis had a little wedding trouble. Fair Or Foul ends the show as always.

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Saint Louis Live! 12/7/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

Dallas is here tonight and it's cold, so it's hockey season no matter what Gaines says. Vladimir Tarasenko hasn't scored much over the last few weeks and it's probably time to be concerned. The callers and texters are hot this morning on St. Louis being a solid sports city. Jim calls in for a good chat and then Hockey Bob calls in while driving people around in his Uber. Jeff goes back and forth for a while with Marcus Hennessy about the NBA in St. Louis.

Segment One (with Brandon Lang) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Travis is going to try three hours today. Gaines is here with the matte finish on his hair. Gaines and Chris have shower problems. Michelle Wolf has gotten the WAL bump and may or may not be ethnically ambiguous. Hockey Bob's Uber patrol is providing a lot of content this morning. Gaines was a regular caller to Kevin Slaten in high school. Mike Lee's Space Bar calls in to show off the speakerphone in his office. Larry Conners says Giamatti is a fine young man. Chris doesn't know who Tony Hrkac is so he can't go to Affton. There's a lot of Lululemon at the Whole Foods hot bar. Giancarlo Stanton was liking social media stuff yesterday and he may put Hunter Pence out of a job. Gaines has an update on the Paul brothers. Gaines is excited to watch Psych The Movie. Joined by Brandon Lang (@RealBrandonLang) to talk about whatever Brandon talks about. Gaines is looking for losses for the Rams because we're not content to just assume they're going to win. Some people are rooting for the forest fire. Travis going to tank Hockey Bob's Uber rating. Gaines is after Stu Durando and Chris wants Mike Martz at Mizzou. 

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

We go through several iterations of the Gateway Powder Coating song without perfecting it and then go into a discussion about fancy Christmas sweaters. Fake ugly Christmas sweaters are a ripoff. Travis refuses to accept Bill Cosby as part of the black community. We all say "ope." Jeff is too conscious of where the right spot is on the back to squeeze by someone. Frottage is discussed for a while. Sweaters from the past decades could've been really cool to wear now. Travis gets to go to a wedding this weekend. Random t-shirts can be a conversation piece. Travis has a history of stealing valor. Jeff tried to get a salad last night and the salad bar was shut down. Giamatti is storing up all the audio of things Jeff has said that may get him in trouble. Jeff was really terrible at coordinating a wedding shuttle bus. Gaines absolutely hates people who try to organize things. Chris is happy to leave people behind who are too drunk to get on the bus. Travis gets annoyed by backseat organizers. Travis is hoping for reciprocity in his own bachelor party. Bruno Mars would be a great bachelor party concert. Jeff got in a fight at a Modest Mouse concert. Bruno Mars might come to Busch Stadium when Travis gets married in his 70s. The Russians got banned from the Olympics and Travis admires that they don't give a damn about anything. Are the Winter Olympics at PF Changs? Jeff shared an elevator with Dave Peacock once and Gaines thinks he's a fraud. Is it OK to record people in public when they're talking about sensitive things? Chris's shoulder is so weak that he couldn't throw out the first pitch at a Cards game. Chris found his first pair of Jordans yesterday. Giamatti passed the bar on Facebook. Passing out terrible news over light music is good. Gaines hates John Mozeliak. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Roger Goodell is officially getting paid and Gaines says it's about the next CBA negotiations. Players aren't that thrilled about it. The players can't wait out the owners so the sacrifices are difficult. The divide among players has been able to be exploited over the years. It's difficult to get the players together and organized. DeMaurice Smith has won the media and has a lot of experience but has a bad relationship with Goodell and may not be effective as the head of the PA. The NFLPA has a challenge because Tom Brady really doesn't care about the labor things. Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding is some generous casting but Tonya Harding really was kind of a dime in the 90s. Is it weird that Margot Robbie was buddy buddy with Tonya Harding? The media painted Nancy Kerrigan pretty unfairly. Suicide Squad could've been a career ruiner. Margot Robbie might be mad if she was in the wrong year. Is Jennifer Lawrence's moment over? Chris is going to go cover the UFC. Travis ate all of Dave's pizza. We try to talk about Jerusalem for a while. Travis just wants to ignore Trump as much as possible. Chris's brother is coming and Travis is exciting. Stephen Piscotty could end up in Oakland and Shohei Ohtani may be in Seattle. Gaines is beyond furious with Mozeliak talking about traffic. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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Saint Louis Live! 12/6/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

A big Blues victory in Montreal last night was paired with a Brayden Schenn hat trick, propelling the Blues back into the win and scoring column. Tarasenko is in the depths of a slump and he needs to pull himself out. The Cardinals picked up a starting pitcher yesterday but it wasn't the one that anybody would've expected. Hockey Bob calls in to talk about Jay Bouwmeester and whether the Blues can make material improvements moving forward. Doug Armstrong's contract is just about up, and Jeff breaks down the Time Persons Of The Year. 

Segment One (with Dr. Ed) - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines thinks Jeff turns into Trump when the Blues are involved. What would Cara Spencer's Trump nickname be? French hats are called "chapeaux" and Gaines and Chris claimed not to know it. Cara Spencer may be "Stop Sign Spencer." Jeff had to take a sign to a protest so he didn't look like a cop. Doug Armstrong is in the middle of a contract negotiation and Brayden Schenn is helping. Momma Gaines says Happy St. Nick's Day. Did everyone check their shoes this morning? We learn about Saint Nicholas. Carl Winslow once got shot on Family Matters. Old sitcoms had some really heavy episodes. Everyone was super in to Krampus for a while. Jeff might be trying to get Vladimir Tarasenko killed. Reginald VelJohnson is not verified on Twitter. Dr. Ed comes in and joins the show as always. What does Dr. Ed think about eating lizards? Dr. Ed had to give a Clydesdale a shot and Gaines wants to know about the needle. Dr. Ed describes an elephant necropsy in detail. Dr. Ed says the way to force a dog to change foods is to get backbone. Jeff is more afraid of primates than big cats and Dr. Ed thinks he's an idiot. We're officially opposed to going into the zoo exhibits. Gaines explains the Big Baller Brand to Dr. Ed.

Segment Two (with Mike Ozanian) - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Joined immediately by Mike Ozanian (@MikeOzanian) of Forbes to talk NHL franchise valuations and the business of hockey. The prospective ownership groups have a lot to do with the franchise valuations. The Cardinals get to do whatever they want whenever they want and the Blues have to scrape for every dime. Hey everybody, Travis is here!  Travis says we're going to call Giancarlo "Bam Bam." Poor Brett Cecil might have to change his jersey number again. Travis wants to see a black version of Step Brothers. Was there a single black character in that movie? Recasting black movies as white movies and vice versa is fun. Barber shops are complicated social structures. Gaines wants to see Larry the Cable Guy as Bubba in Forrest Gump. Travis is holding Modern Family accountable. Is Roy Moore the White Cosby? Everyone is texting in so Big Al must be on another show. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Mizzou won last night but didn't cover vs. Miami Ohio. Travis refuses to concede that Mizzou might ever play bad. Gaines may or may not like to listen to other people. Michael Porter was on the bench last night and Travis is pretty excited. If MPJ ever comes back then Gaines wants a full investigation. The damn Kroenkes are everywhere still. Go get the money, Drew Lock. Go get the money now. Dan Patrick is naming Drew Lock as a draft surprise so it's getting real. Lock has some actual Mizzou loyalty. Maybe Mizzou should bring in Dave Christensen. Gaines is convinced that Josh Heupel is just not a good case. Rafael Palmeiro thinks he's coming back to the majors. This is just like when Bernie Mac came back to play for the Brewers. Chris and Jeff have never seen Mr. 3000. Benchwarmers was a great baseball movie. Travis can't believe that people saw Benchwarmers. Celtic Pride was a great basketball movie, and so was The Sixth Man. Does Shawshank Redemption count as a baseball movie? Darlene Green was hiding all day yesterday and Travis thinks her move was the blackest thing ever done at City Hall. It may be weird that Jeff knows where Gardner lives. Jeff defends the Morning Melee. Fair or Foul closes the show as always. 

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Saint Louis Live! 12/5/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues are in Montreal tonight, and that's always a fun trip for guys who grew up watching hockey in Quebec. Sammy Blais is one of those guys, and he's made a bunch of important contributions to the lineup. The team is easy to gauge when things are going good and going bad. Darlene Green signed but didn't distribute the stadium bonds yesterday, and that sets off a long conversation about stadium financing and the reality of ownership finances in St. Louis. Can we get the mayor on the show? The Cardinals have done awfully well in their investment in the team. 

Segment One - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Chris's body can't ever operate at peak efficiency. A storm finally broke last night and now it's going to be cold. Lots of dirty hits in Monday Night Football last night and it's not the game the NFL wants to see. TJ Oshie got a dirty hit last night too and it may not be good if football players fought on the field. Too many hockey tough guys end up on TV. Gaines hates gold gloves. Stanton could be fun but Chris is interested in the Rays. Sandy Alcantara may be as good as gone in some form. The starting rotation looks pretty rough right now. Kyle Lohse batted in extra innings in the World Series. Jose Martinez came out of nowhere and was a victory for scouting. It's weird that Jeff follows Randal Grichuk on Instagram. Gaines thinks the reason there are conflicting reports on Stanton dragging out is because of the differing sources. Derek Jeter is not handling things well at all. Is there Jeter mythos being shattered a little bit? What would a Giancarlo-flavored soda taste like? Big League Chew was a gateway drug. Jeff was horrible at baseball and he was afraid of the ball. Hockey Bob calls in with some Blackhawks hot takes. What does Jeff think of the Winnipeg Jets? Gaines's biggest life tragedy is only getting one burger instead of two after a game once. Which team is going to be leaving next? Gaines misses Rams games all the time. Jeff was at one of the lowest points for the Blues and takes pride in it. 

Segment Two (with Bob Nightengale) - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

The Winklevoss twins became the world's first bitcoin billionaires yesterday, and it's nice to see the little guy succeeding for once. Is it risky to be a bitcoin pirate? Everyone has their own coins and advertising them can be risky. Seattle is getting a massive renovation of the Key Arena and it may mean a new hockey team. Vegas may not be the best environment for baseball. Dick Vitale may be the only die hard Rays fan. The SLU investigation is dragging out. Herm Edwards may not have known what the Arizona State mascot was. Gaines thinks the model that focuses on the coordinators is great for coaching but doesn't get why you would hire Edwards to be the guy. Tennessee still hasn't hired a coach. Bob Nightengale (@BNIghtengale) of USA Today joins the show to break down some baseball. The David Price deal might be one that they want to wind back. Benjamin Hochman went to meet Gene Bess and got a great burger. Shake Shack comes with exclusivity but there's one in Detroit and Lexington so maybe it's not that cool. Mark Zuckerberg came here so the city might be back. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

There's a Shake Shack in Delaware so maybe it's not cool. How long will you wait at a restaurant? Chris may be more forgiving of restaurants than Jeff is. The Lou would never make you wait for an hour. Jeff thinks the Titanic is interesting and nobody else does. SLU High didn't go on a lot of field trips. Jeff saw Hamilton on Broadway and may brag about it too often. What's the Mt. Rushmore of Christmas movies? The Santa Clause is underrated. Ralphie's mom plays a topless lesbian in Slap Shot. There's gonna be Star Wars in perpetuity. Does Katy Perry look like Emily Blunt? Chris is convinced they look alike but nobody else does. Jeff saw Ben Gibbard break a guitar. Is midget ok to say? Michael Scott may have ruined U2. Chris hates Dave Matthews Band. Gaines has never heard of Sublime. Do people fight less at sporting events than they used to? Fights at Rams games just used to burn themselves out. Being a big man on a plane can mean an empty seat sometimes. Every group of friends needs a Dark Web Guy. The financial situation for the Blues was really bad for a really long time. Spagnuolo's voice should have been the first warning sign. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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Saint Louis Live! 12/4/2017

Wake Up Hour - Jeff Jones

The Blues lost a couple games over the weekend and Jeff doesn't think everyone should be blaming Patrik Berglund. Regressions toward the mean aren't fun to watch. The Stanton situation appears to be reaching a boil and it may not be the best way to build a team. Jeff saw Lady Bird and thinks the message about Sacramento may be applicable to St. Louis. Do fans and media types view the Cardinals needs differently? Pleather Boy knows that Jeff is super plugged into the Cardinals, and that's why everybody listens.

Segment One - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines was making some pasta over the weekend and Chris is only eating vegetables now. Gaines went to cook at a newly married friend's house because they have a bunch of new toys to play with. Jeff had his life saved by a couch-bound quasi-roommate who went to go smoke and found a sideview mirror fire. The CFB playoff is set and Travis thinks Oklahoma is going to get rolled. Four seed Bama is a favorite over Clemson and that helps justify their presence over Ohio State. Bomb Pop Guy calls Gaines out for trying to beat Vegas. Mizzou is heading to the Texas Bowl and it's part of the revenge tour. Chris jumped immediately to the strip clubs in Texas. We're anti-Houston on this show. Terry Beckner is coming back next year but Drew Lock may not, because Chris Mortensen said he could be a first round pick. Mizzou is going to have a mean D-line next year, and that's necessary considering how rough the schedule is going to be. Would Travis text a girl from Texas? Texas rules! Travis is the new resident expert on the Texas Bowl. Can Travis use a press credential to sneak in to the Texas Bowl and get drunk? Everyone in Houston impersonates James Harden to get his runoff. Gaines reminds us that SLU invited the forward pass. Mizzou may be the academic class of the SEC, but are they better than a single Big 10 team? The committee should've taken Roy Moore into consideration. Travis is sticking up for Mizzou's academic standards. Mizzou is definitely not a tier one law school.

Segment Two - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Jeff is a little frustrated by the response rate. The deal may be coming imminently or may not. Are other people more credible than us? Jeff thinks it's the Dodgers but Gaines thinks it's just a method to drive the cost up. The Mariners are using players to attract Ohtani and Gaines wants the Cardinals to try the same tactic. Dallas Keuchel made a call that helped push Verlander. Travis thinks the Cardinals have gone out of their way to do everything to get the deal done, but it may not be enough. Travis has now changed his opinion in the middle of a sentence. The national image of St. Louis has a big part to play in why Stanton doesn't want to come to St. Louis. Are they trying hard enough? Gaines is holding Mozeliak accountable. Sean McVay killed Jeff Fisher but Gaines might have brought him back. Gaines is the Saint Louis Live Cleveland mouthpiece and he thinks the fans would rally around Jeff Fisher. Sam Darnold may go back to school just to avoid the Browns. Aledmys Diaz gets shipped off to Toronto for a bag of balls and we barely mentioned it. Who would we have brought to the Stanton meeting? Hologram Stan Musial may have been what would clinch the deal. Travis is excited that he can write off his private jet maintenance now. All of the sudden Travis doesn't want to talk about Michael Porter Sr.'s salary. 

Segment Three - Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, Jeff Jones

Gaines's uncle and Chris's brother are coming in town and they may hate Travis. Did Travis force the creation of food runners so he would have to do less work? Travis's home remedy may have cured Chris's busted ankle. The government is now charging you for home remedies. Gaines isn't happy with the jerseys for the Army/Navy game. They may be coming out of the DOD budget. How long does it take a $10.5M buyout check to clear the bank? Jeff once wrote a $4M check. Time released their Person of the Year list and everyone is on it. Jeff went through a whole boring thing trying to see Lady Bird. Chris watched some UFC this weekend. Overeem got punched really hard in the head and it almost flew off. Jeff puts everyone through the paces with testing their emo knowledge. Gaines says someone was singing Travis's movie intro but he was lying. Pauly Shore is in town next week and Jeff wants an autograph. LaVar Ball is no longer allowed to be asked questions during or after Lakers games. The Rams are good and it's super depressing. Marcus Peters threw a flag into the stands and wasn't ejected even though he thought he was. The Patriots had a whole thing on the sideline yesterday and it's out of character. Gronk cheap shotted a guy and Belichick apologized for him after the game. Travis wants a suspension but Gaines thinks that generally doesn't happen. The Yankees hired Aaron Boone and Gaines isn't thrilled. Sgt. Major Rose pops into the studio for a surprise visit. Check out The 22 Fund on Facebook. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always. 

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