We are live! Radio Network


We Are Live! is the premier podcast for comedy, lifestyle, and sports based in Saint Louis and moving outward into the entertainment world. Founded by Chris Denman and Travis Terrell, the show has grown to include a daily morning radio broadcast called Saint Louis Live! that captures excitement both regionally and nationally and maps the trends of all things that make you laugh, cheer, and think.

Both We Are Live! and Saint Louis Live! bring you top notch content paired with incisive analysis and keen wit from local and national talents, both emerging and established.

Through the hosting of live comedy shows, entertainment engagements, and charitable endeavors, the We Are Live! crew is also committed to developing public events which create lasting memories and fulfilling partnerships for all involved. 

Current/Past Contributors to the Show

Founder, Host / Chris Denman
Founder, Host / Travis Terrell
Host / Michael Gaines
Producer, Host / Jeff Jones

 Contributor / Carlie Lawrence
Contributor / Jada Foster




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